My name is Poet, I am a sweet and very fit 30 lbs Beagle. I am more what you would call ‘enthusiastic’ rather than high energy, especiall out on walks. My nose can get the best of me.

I am 6 years old but seem much younger. I love sniffing about and
letting my nose take me places, so a Halti leash is the best so as to control me on the walks (I can be quite the puller if I
smell something interesting…which is all the time). If there are rabbits (or other small animal smells), my nature takes over, so you have to keep me on the leash all the time.

If you have a very secure yard, I could spend all day exploring. I am fully housetrained and can stay all day alone
without having accidents or doing any damage, even though I am not crate trained.

I am very affectionate and sweet, and just love people and kids. I am very good with other dogs (I am very submissive with them); as far as cats though, I haven’t had much exposure so that could take some work.

I am presently fed high quality food to keep my joints good as I once had knee surgery when I was younger and my family wants to keep me on a good diet and a healthy weight.

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