I am cute, I am young and my ears are like radars. So I have been named Radar! I’m a ten month old male Min Pin (known as blue Min Pin) but Sophie suspects I might have some Chihuahua as there is something not quite right with my Min Pin look.

I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption from a Chihuahua / Min Pin “breeder” who has too many dogs in her apartment and has been given ten days to get rid of us all.

I’m extremely skinny and will need to fatten up and learn a little housetraining, but I have a lot of potential and I am sweet, friendly, affectionate and eager to please.

7 thoughts on “Radar”

  1. He seems like a lovable little one – can he stand cats (I have a 12 and 2 y.o. cats)? I would have to discuss this with my husband but we are looking for a small breed and he seems to be a good little boy !

    1. I don’t see why he would not be good with cats, but we’ve not tested him with cats. He left Sophie’s place last night for a foster home that already has a min pin and no cats. E-Mail info@sophiesdogadoption.com requesting an application form and once approved you can go visit him and even bring home to see if your cats are ok with him as well.


  2. Hi Rick, I have a friend who would really love to adopt Radar, and I was wondering where the adoption form is? She sent you guys an email yesterday about it, her names Chantal. She just fell in love with him (as did I)when she met him at our event on the 2nd for world animal day.

    Is he even still up for adoption or has he already found a loving fur-ever home with LR Mintzas?

    1. Radar is still looking for that forever home, I’ll remind Sophie to email the application form as I can’t send word documents from my cell. It’s been a busy day and week-end.


    2. Thank you so much Rick, I really appreciate that. This girl has 2 dogs(mini boston terrier & boxer I think) and 7 cats, do you think he’d be scared of being with so many other animals?

      Sorry to keep you working longer lol I just wanted to let you know about that, cause it’s about them first after all. But this girl has a huge heart and he’d be loved and very well taken care of for shure. She’s that woman with Quebec Animaux doing the Fundraiser for X-mas, that I gave the link for the other day.

      Peace man, thanks again

    3. He’s good with other dogs as he was with us for a while and now in a foster that has another minpin. The problem might be the city limits if she already has two. Depending on where she lives the limit is often two. I’ll remind Sophie as I remeber that email from yesterday.


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