I’m Rayven one of Sunshine’s 7 Rays, the first little boy to be officially adopted. My foster mom, who had adopted Havana from Sophie, absolutely fell in love with me.

Even though I really look like mom, my big sister Havana is in fact mistaken for my mom as we look very similar. I hope all my brothers and sisters find a good home soon and maybe some of us will be able to get together for play dates.

One thought on “Rayven”

  1. Gaby-

    When I ran into you the other day you said that you had just gotten Albear/Rayven genetically tested… I was wondering if you had gotten the results back yet, as we’re very curious!

    By the way, his brother Albert’s adoption fell through, so he’s going to be staying with us again for a little while (starting tonight) so stop by and say hi anytime!


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