Rex B

I’m Rex B, and here’s my story: I’m originally from the streets of Lebanon, and I was rescued and adopted in Canada during the “international adoption” phase that happened between 2020 and 2022.

Unfortunately, these good souls in Lebanon who made us come to this wonderful country, were not aware that the Quebec Statistics for “keeping” us in a home are less than 2 years.

So here I am, a “statistic” of La Belle Province, and I am looking for a new home. I arrived here in 2022 as a teen pup, and after being in a home for over a year, I was surrendered because I was always a little “growly” and I bit a 3 month old puppy. This pup came to be fostered, and I didn’t necessarily want to share. I already had a “brother” that I liked to dominate a bit. So when I bit her, my dad got mad and kicked my bed in anger. My mom then thought it was better to send me away immediately.

I’m super friendly, great in the house, get along with dogs but do have some resource guarding around my food.

I can be your best friend for life, if you’ll have me for the rest of my life, which I hope will be at least 10 years.

I don’t want to bounce all over Quebec, I want a permanent home. I’m a Shepherd mixed with dozens of other breeds, your fun will be to guess what mixes my descendants might have been. 

If you think you’d like to meet me and see if we “click”, the first step is to obtain an application The first step is to obtain an application form at and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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