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Well, what do you know! I’m only 11 weeks old and already looking for my second (and final) home.

My name is Bosley, I’m a beautiful Cocker, or mix, and as charming as can be.

I was purchased on a Saturday, and brought to Sophie’s Dog Adoption the following Tuesday! 3 days is how long I stayed with the person who “bought” me from a “breeder” on Kijiji.

I’m a puppy. So what can I tell you? I’m not housetrained, obviously. You’ll need to teach me that.

I use my teeth to play! I love slippers, wires, and carpets (pulling out the threads is fun!) so you need to work with me on teaching me right from wrong.

I’ll need lots of toys, and lots of stimuli, but most importantly you will need to have patience! I’m just a baby!

So there it is. I’m a puppy in rescue at only 11 weeks old. This is your chance to get a rescue dog that you’ll actually raise yourself!

But be prepared, I’m gonna be very popular. So put in your application fast if you want to have a chance at adopting me!

To do so, visit

I will charm you while nibbling on your shoelaces!


The adoption process through Sophie’s Dog Adoptions consists of filling out an application form to adopt, a full screening is done to ensure that the dogs I place will in fact be going to good, forever homes. These dogs have been through a lot already, and don’t deserve to come back again and again. The right family / person is out there for each dog. The process can sometimes be longer than with other rescue groups or organizations, but an animal is for life and it should not be something to rush into. Once I am satisfied that the family/person meets the criteria to adopt one of my dogs, then the adoption is finalized with a contract. ADOPTING A PET IS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY, IT IS, IN MY OPINION, THE SAME AS ADOPTING A CHILD.


My name is Bunny and I “hopped” on a flight out of Hawaii to come to Canada for a chance at a good life.

I’m about 2 years old, my breed mix is unknown but I weigh a good 60 lbs.  I was living in a shelter in Hawaii that had become overcrowded and lacks funds, so life there had become not so great.

I have discovered a dog bed, and human attention, and can drink water when I want! The simple things Canadian dogs have.

I’m super sweet, and gentle with everyone, and would be good with kids too.

Cats and Chihuahuas, not so sure yet. I would need to learn cohabitation with them. 

If you think I could be the one for you, please put in your application by visiting

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I am Sanjaghak, and I come from the mean streets of Iran. I’m a beautiful girl, most likely Collie mixed with Spaniel. Hard to say!

I was found a couple of months ago, just laying there unable to move anything but my head.

I was taken to a great veterinary hospital where they operated on my spine.  Thanks to them, I have started walking again and making significant daily progress.

I’m about 8 months old, so I have plenty of time to get stronger in my back legs. Right now I am able to walk around, but as soon as I get a little excited, I fall over. My walking is still very wobbly.

I am looking for a home that will continue to exercise me, possibly with the help of a wheelchair so that I can enjoy life like any other dog.

I’m super friendly, gentle, good with dogs, and people of all ages and sizes, and probably fine with cats. I don’t have a mean bone in me!

If you think you’d like to adopt me, put in your application! I will give you all the love back tenfold!

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Max B

I’m Max B and I also come from Beirut. My sister Tundra arrived last spring and found a wonderful home here in Canada.

Now there’s a ban, and I’m one of the lucky ones who made it here in time. So I’m looking for that special home too.

I’m about 3 years old and have a sad story, but that did not stop me from becoming a sweet and loving dog to humans.

Other dogs might not be my cup of tea as I’d really like to live a new life, with no competition for food, treats, or love! I can get a little macho around dominant dogs. So until I settle in, I don’t really need to meet other dogs.

I want human love, and to learn how to become Man’s Best Friend in this land of the free!

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

You will not regret it, I promise!

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Lucky Girl

Hello Canada! I’m one Lucky Girl who made it before the upcoming ban, and I’m so grateful.

I’m just a little over a year old, my mix….maybe Doberman, Rottie, or Lab? Whichever I may be, I am super sweet and absolutely gorgeous.

I’m great with other dogs and all people, but I haven’t been tested with cats. There are none iny foster home’s neighborhood to chase after!

I’m desperately looking for a true home I can call mine, as I was rescued as a young girl of 8 months and want to live the true Canadian Experience. The one that all the others have written home about who have come before me!

If you want to give me that life, don’t hesitate to put in your application before someone else does! I’m a gem of a girl.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Rosie B

I’m Rosie B, from Beirut. I’m a shepherd mix, about a year old, and rescued from the streets.

I am a little shy at first, but once I know you, I’m very playful and affectionate.

I’m young, so need daily exercise, but not a hyperactive dog. I am crate trained, as a house is fairly new to me, so it helps with my bathroom schedule.

I learn very quickly, love playing with other dogs, I’m fine with cats, and generally love nice people.

If you think I could become a good friend, put in your application!

To apply, visit

and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


My name is Windy, and I’m a one-year-old Lebanese rescue. I’m an alert and lively dog, most likely a husky mix.

I was raised in a free for all environment and as such did not receive much in the way of training, inside or outside the home. It will require patience and alertness on your part to give me structure and boundaries. I’m an early riser and have learned to signal when I need out.

My first attempts at walking on a leash and collar were reasonable but once cats and squirrels were in my eyesight, there was little control with just a leash.  Since then, my foster has been using a Halti as it gives you more control over me.

I’m also reactive to loud noises in the immediate vicinity, such as buses and trucks, as well as dogs on the other side of the street who bark at me. 

I love chasing and playing with dogs, but I don’t always know when to quit. I’m also a fan of running after balls and playing fetch.

All in all, I’m a young gal who needs the right environment to thrive and learn. I can counter surf as I’m quite tall, so no food unattended or it will disappear!

I have “snapped” a few times so looking for someone who will truly work with me to understand my needs and work on my general behavior. Everything is so new and different to me, so I’m quite nervous at times.

If you’d like to get to know me, put in an application.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


Do you like Chihuahuas? I may be the girl for you. Here’s my story, you decide.

My name is Rhône and unfortunately, my old Mom passed away 3 months ago and I was left orphaned.

I’m 7 years old but rather chubby at 6 lbs. I was 8.8 lbs when I first arrived! You see, Mom never bought me dog food. She’s made a plate for her and one for me. I never left her side, went everywhere with her in a bag, and basically, she was my world.

She couldn’t take me for walks as she was legally blind and couldn’t go far but I would love to go walking around your neighborhood. Due to my eating habits, my teeth were not good but I had a cleaning done and only needed a couple of teeth extracted. My back legs are a bit wobbly from having been obese for so long so I’m looking for someone who will take real good care of me and keep me lean and fit. I am getting around much better now that I’ve lost weight. I can even go up the stairs like a pro and I’m loving my daily walks!

I get along fairly well with the dogs and cats in my foster home. I lived with a cat in my previous home. I do however prefer to be the main attraction. I’m a bit of a Diva you see. I am not suitable for children. I can stay home alone as long as you don’t make a big deal when you leave. If you think we could become BFFs, fill out an application and send it in. I am looking for a very mellow household with a maximum of 2 people .

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


I’m Rain and I was found on the highway in the pouring rain in Beirut.

I arrived in Montreal this April and am still super nervous. I’m not used to human contact, so I’m looking for a home that will give me time to adjust to home.

I’m scared but not aggressive, however, touching me is a thing I still don’t like. Not having ever had a collar or leash, that freaks me out.

So I need a home with a fully fenced-in yard so I can go in and out on my own. I’m good with dogs but do show some mild resource guarding with my food. I am not a good candidate for children or cats.

I’m ok in the crate, which is preferred when you’re out just in case.

I’m about 3 years old with a lifetime of learning still to come. I am clean in the house and will scratch at the door to go out. I actually enjoy being outside now that it’s getting warm. You must supervise me however as I tend to flee. I always look sad. I recently had puppies when I was found but my rescuers were unsuccessful in locating them. It is very important that you do not feel sorry for me, however. I need you to be confident and surround me with positive energy so I can feed that off of you.

If you think I’m the one you want to love and help become the balanced and fulfilled pooch I deserve to be.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Chance B

Hello, my name is Chance B.

I am a 5-year-old female American Pitbull Terrier-American Bulldog mix.
I weigh about 50 lbs and I’m in good health.

I am an amazing girl originally rescued in Lebanon and I’m now looking for my forever home here in Montreal.

I am quite shy at first but once I start trusting you I love giving hugs and will be your best friend. I will follow your lead and make sure you’re safe.

I don’t pull on walks but I do run after squirrels and cats. While I walk, my attention stays on who is walking me. I don’t bark except when I play with my doggy friends.

I love going to the dog park and making new friends .

I run as if I was still a puppy. I’m still quite young at only 5 years old and need my daily exercise.

I am house-trained and wait for you to get up so we can take a nice morning walk. I love car rides.

I am incredibly sweet and bright. Very eager to please and engaging. To know me is to love me. I have displayed some prey drive when I see cats or squirrels on my walks so I would not be a good match to live with small animals. I have not displayed any type of resource guarding.

If you have good knowledge of my breed and decent dog training experience, I just might be the ideal pooch for you. If you’re ready to commit to my well-being for the rest of my life.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.