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Princess of York

I am Princess of York, a beautiful, friendly and happy 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

I was recently spayed as I had several litters before my arrival with Sophie’s Dog Adoption.

I am great with other dogs, can cohabitate with a cat, and very good with everyone. I would be fine with kids who know how to treat me.

If you think I could be the dog for you, put in your application. I’m sure I will be very popular so don’t wait.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Big Mac

I’m Mac, Big Mac. I’m a big boy, weighing in at 80+ lbs and I’m about 3 years old. I was rescued as a puppy from a shelter in Nashville, so my breed is a pure guess. 

I know all my basic commands and have very good recall. If you put me in a sit/lie down position, I will wait until you say “release” before moving. 

I love getting head scratches and leaning against you to get petted. 

I almost never bark and get along with other dogs (off leash). I do enjoying playing rough with them.

Indoors, I am generally mellow and relaxed. I love humans of all ages. Great with kids.

I’ve had the same home for 3 years, but it’s become clear to them that they can’t give me the stimulation I need and deserve.

If I’m left alone too long, I will get into stuff and chew them up (books, pens, possibly your remote, stuff of that nature). It’s a bit of separation anxiety that can be resolved if I get enough outside off-leash time. Then I am a model citizen!

However, when on leash, I can sometimes be reactive when walking too close to other dogs. 

With proper redirection and positive reinforcement, I can be good. 

My ideal home would be able to offer me a very active, outdoorsy lifestyle, allowing me to spend time outside. 

If you are looking for a hiking buddy, a mountaineering sidekick, and a friend to curl up by the fire next to you, I may be the one!

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


My name is Tinto, I’m a 8 year old Chihuahua mix. I’m quite tall and about 15 lbs.

I get along with female dogs, but can be selective about males. I tend to be more dominant with males.

I can stay home alone, housetrained, affectionate and friendly.

I’m looking for a forever home, I lost mine because the family had babies, and it stressed me out.

So if you’re not planning on having babies and want me to become a member of your family, I’ll be in Heaven.

I’m looking for a loving family/person who will commit for the rest of my life.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Rex B

I’m Rex B, and here’s my story: I’m originally from the streets of Lebanon, and I was rescued and adopted in Canada during the “international adoption” phase that happened between 2020 and 2022.

Unfortunately, these good souls in Lebanon who made us come to this wonderful country, were not aware that the Quebec Statistics for “keeping” us in a home are less than 2 years.

So here I am, a “statistic” of La Belle Province, and I am looking for a new home. I arrived here in 2022 as a teen pup, and after being in a home for over a year, I was surrendered because I was always a little “growly” and I bit a 3 month old puppy. This pup came to be fostered, and I didn’t necessarily want to share. I already had a “brother” that I liked to dominate a bit. So when I bit her, my dad got mad and kicked my bed in anger. My mom then thought it was better to send me away immediately.

I’m super friendly, great in the house, get along with dogs but do have some resource guarding around my food.

I can be your best friend for life, if you’ll have me for the rest of my life, which I hope will be at least 10 years.

I don’t want to bounce all over Quebec, I want a permanent home. I’m a Shepherd mixed with dozens of other breeds, your fun will be to guess what mixes my descendants might have been. 

If you think you’d like to meet me and see if we “click”, the first step is to obtain an application The first step is to obtain an application form at and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


My name is Maple, and I’m an international adoption that didn’t work out, so I’m still looking for that special family.

I’m from Lebanon, and I’ve been here a year now, looking to find the right home.

I’m a mix of unknown origin as I was found on the streets. I’m about 3 years old, and a very sweet girl, weighing about 70 lbs.

I’m an active girl, but still very nervous around new things. However I’m super friendly and love all people. I’m looking for an energetic family as I love to run, play and spend time with my people.

I’m in a foster home with kids, dogs and Guinea pigs and love everyone. I’m easily adaptable to new situations, I’m even crate trained.

If you’d like to know me better to see if we could be “partners”, start by getting a form and go from there.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


I’ve been named Augustus, because I was saved in August.

You see, I’m a 10 month old, male, puppymill dog and my life could have been been very different than what I will get to experience now.

I’m supposed to be a Lhasa Apso mix, but I’m too tall. I weigh about 20 lbs as I’m rather slim. I could have some Schnauzer, it’s a guess.

I had hair pretty long hair however I needed a grooming and a fresh start, so we’re letting my hair grow in nicely. You’ll need to brush me regularly if you want me to look good!

I’m ok with other dogs. I’m in a foster home and making progress every day. I’m getting a little better at discovering this freedom and new experiences. 

I’m still a little uncomfortable sometimes. I need a confident leader to show me what to do. I’m good at doing my business outside but still have some occasional accidents. 

I’m not dominant at all with other dogs but I’m not submissive either. I’m good at communicating if I need space.

I don’t trust people much yet, so I avoid contact for now but my foster mom says I have so much potential. 

I need to be exposed to everyone and everything. I’m very brave and want to learn and experience life. 

I just need someone to show me the world and work with me. 

I dont react to cats and I don’t bark…for now. Only when I’m a little scared. I have no separation anxiety so you’ll need to NOT “feel sorry” for me and render me needy for your presence. I’m crate trained (duh) and totally clean in it.

If you think I could be the one, put in your application. 

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Tino the Tripod

My name is Tino and I’m a tripod. I came to this beautiful country just before the ban so I’ve been waiting for my new home for a year now. I was about 2 years old, so that makes me almost 3 years old now.

I’m a beautiful mutt, a common street dog, from Lebanon, and some idiot decided to hit me with his car.  It’s kind of a “sport” over there. Thankfully someone witnessed it, and rescued me.

My leg couldn’t be saved, so amputation was the way to go. And “go”, I can! You’d never know I am missing a leg. I can run, play, jump, climb stairs, just like any other smart dog. 

I’m an active dog who LOVES people, I greet everyone who comes over and I have a lovely goofy side! I even sing karaoke with my foster mom! We can also do “car karaoke” since I adore going for rides.

Even though I’m a sweetheart and very affectionate, I am jealous and protective when it comes to other pets. I don’t want to share my human with another dog, and certainly NOT a cat. Therefore it is best that I be “the” dog in your life. Kids can be a part of that, if they’re gentle and dog savvy.

I can stay home while you’re gone, and my big voice would scare a robber.  Of course I know that my bathroom is outdoors, so no worries there.

My one and only FAULT, I’m strong. Walking me can be challenging especially if I see dogs, squirrels or other critters on my walks. I’m a big strong boy, so you need to be stronger or willing to teach me. It won’t get better without help! I’d rather run around free, but in this free world, I need to be on a leash I can’t run free. The irony 🤣.

I’ll make you laugh, I’ll keep you warm, I’ll be your best friend if you give me that chance.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


My name is Pawla, and I’m a street dog from Morocco.

I was rescued by a lady who used to feed stray cats, when she noticed me, a young puppy, coming around to get some food too.

It was obvious I had a bad leg, a break that healed on its own. So she took me off the streets and eventually arranged for me to come to Canada.

I’ve been here for a while but nobody really worked on my socialization so Sophie’s Dog Adoption took me in and I am learning to go on walks outside and explore this new country.

I am very shy, still skittish of a lot, so I’m looking for a very patient person or family to slowly bring me to being a “normal” and confident girl.

I’m still young (-2 years old)and don’t have a prey drive do could live with cats or other critter.

Dogs I’m totally fine with. Having a dog friend could maybe even help me learn to be “free” of my past.

If you want more information about me you can e-mail and to apply, visit

and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


My name is Choopie, and I’m a male. I’m 3 years old and of the Spitz family.

I came from Lebanon back in 2021 as an International adoption, but here we are, two and a half years later and I’m looking for a new home.

I’m super cute, super friendly with everyone, great with dogs and even young kids. But I can easily become the “boss” if you let me.

Us little cuties know how to manipulate and use our teeth when we’re not happy. So structure, discipline and rules MUST be established when I move in.

I’m learning while in foster care, but you will need to continue with the structure. I’m small enough to not overpower you, so teach me right from wrong and I’ll make you proud.

As all dogs do, I want to make you happy and become your best friend. But just like children, I need structure and discipline as well as love.

If you want me to be your best friend, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


I’m Drake, and even though I’m no rapper, I too have a talent. I’m missing a leg, and I can run and play as well as anyone!

I’m a survivor of the horrendous streets of the Middle East, and I’m hoping to find a wonderful home who won’t see my missing limb as a reason to pass me up.

I’m about 3 years old, was found with my leg already missing, and it was so traumatic I cannot remember what happened! But I am a survivor and just LOVE people. My mix is totally unknown, it’s anybody’s guess. Might have a little Husky, not sure.

I’m ok with kids, super gentle and good with dogs and getting used to the cat in my foster home.

If you think you’d like to make me a member of your family, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.


The adoption process through Sophie’s Dog Adoptions consists of filling out an application form to adopt, a full screening is done to ensure that the dogs I place will in fact be going to good, forever homes. These dogs have been through a lot already, and don’t deserve to come back again and again. The right family / person is out there for each dog. The process can sometimes be longer than with other rescue groups or organizations, but an animal is for life and it should not be something to rush into. Once I am satisfied that the family/person meets the criteria to adopt one of my dogs, then the adoption is finalized with a contract. ADOPTING A PET IS NOT SOMETHING TO TAKE LIGHTLY, IT IS, IN MY OPINION, THE SAME AS ADOPTING A CHILD.


My name is Bunny and I “hopped” on a flight out of Hawaii to come to Canada for a chance at a good life in 2023.

I’m about 3 years old now, my breed mix is unknown but I weigh a good 50 lbs. I was living in a shelter in Hawaii that has become overcrowded and is lacking funds, so life there had become not so great.

I have discovered a dog bed, human attention and can drink water when I want! The simple things Canadian dogs have.

I’ve been loving it in foster care, but I’m ready to have a family of my own.

I’m super sweet, gentle with everyone, would be good with kids too.

However, not fond of other dogs. I’m a bit of a bully with them, and can get overly stimulated, so nobody parks. 

If you think I could be the one for you, please put in your application.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain the form.


I’m Rain and I was found on the highway in the pouring rain in Beirut last year and was flown to Montreal in April 2022 for a chance at a good life.

Even though I’ve been in foster care for a year, I am still super nervous. I’m not used to human contact, so I’m looking for a home that will give me time to adjust to my new life.

I’m scared but not aggressive, however, touching me is a thing I still don’t like. Not having ever had a collar or leash, it’s been a challenge. I don’t like being grabbed by the collar, and I still hate the idea of a leash. I just don’t move.

So I need a home with a fully fenced-in yard so I can go in and out on my own. I’m good with dogs but show mild resource guarding with my food. I could possibly live with older kids and a cat.

I’ve been crate trained, but I am fine being left alone. It may be a good idea at the beginning when you’re out just in case.

I’m about 3 years old with a lifetime of learning still to come. I am clean in the house and will scratch at the door to go out. I enjoy being outside now that it’s getting warm. You must supervise me however as I tend to flee. I always look sad. I recently had puppies when I was found but my rescuers were unsuccessful in locating them. It is very important that you do not feel sorry for me, however. I need you to be confident and surround me with positive energy so I can feed that off of you.

If you think I’m the one you want to love and help become the balanced and fulfilled pooch I deserve to be, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.