So I’m Rocket and I’ve been held hostage by two previous foster homes in the last year, resulting in two “adoptions” by these “captors” in order to protect me from these people who where not capable of adhering to the conditions of Sophie’s adoption process, giving her that right to reclaim me once these people, “as she knew would happen” are unable to properly care for me.

My first foster dad, Robert, refused to let me go to the family Sophie had approved, hence refusing to let me go, so after many attempts from Sophie she decided to make him sing a contract and finalize the “adoption”. He had no money and was making “payments”, but before my “adoption” fee could be paid off, Robert had lost his apartment and was literally out on the street. He called Sophie to see if she could take me back for a couple of weeks until he got himself “together”. She immediately jumped on the opportunity as it was obvious he could not properly care for me. (He also had another dog). Months went by, she never heard from him, and one day after being on the News because he was losing yet again his home, he started making threats to Sophie about claiming she had stolen me from him. Of course she won as only my interest is what matters to her.

Now comes Jude, a new foster home. Sophie finds me the perfect home (remember I’m a typical Min Pin – for Min Pin lovers only), but Jude refused to let me go to this family because they had jobs and work during the day. I have absolutely no problems staying home alone, but Jude is of the opinion that dogs should always have someone with them. You see he doesn’t work, but not everyone has that privilege. So once again my foster dad wont release me and insists on keeping me because he feels that he’s the only good home for me.

Sophie figures “here we go again”. She attempted by all possible means to make Jude release me, but he wouldn’t. So she decided to once again let him finalize my “adoption” with a contract as she knew I was not the right dog for him and this was the only way to protect me once again from ending up at pound.

This was December 2010. By March 2011, Jude was emailing Sophie complaining about how annoying I was and how I disrupted the dynamics of the household (two other dogs), and even though he kind of liked me, he really hated me more and wasn’t sure that he wanted to keep me. He wanted to find me an “appropriate home” but as per the contract only Sophie can do that. He signed the contract, yet he didn’t want to comply to it by returning me to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, yet he didn’t love me as per one of the conditions of the contract.

As time went on, he hated more and more and asked Sophie to take me back for a week or two until he decided if he wanted to keep me or not. What do you think Sophie said? This was her way to get me back once again from this “captor” and agreed to “take me in”. Weeks went by, no one heard from Jude, we all thought I was a “done deal” and that he had washed his hands of me. But surprise! A couple of emails, couple of phone calls, couple of threats and then… The police… Jude claims she kidnapped me.

So this time around she will not sign a contract with a family that is not fully committed to loving me and providing me with the best of homes. That means you must know, love, and appreciate the typical Min Pin, as that is what I am. Loving, endearing, funny, cuddly, but jumpy, barky, excitable, and as people say “annoying”, that’s the typical Min Pin!

I’m only two years old, (well maybe 3 by now), and It’s time I find true love.

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  1. The guy even looks unstable in the video. Having had 2 dogs held “hostage” says to me you might have to find a better way to screen foster homes. I like that he was alone though, what happened to the cops buddy? lol.

    Hope he’s left you alone. I know a lot of people that have adopted from you and it’s upsetting that you have to go through this.

    One thing I do agree on him with (and I don’t like that he and I agree on something), is, if it’s true, the whole thing about smoking in the house with the dogs. It’s wrong to smoke around kids as it is wrong to smoke around animals. So if it’s true, I’d suggest you take it outside, even better, to quit all together that way you benefit as well!

    Take care Sophie

  2. Took the cops about 30 minutes to show up, and they left since Sophie is the legal owner of the dog as per her contract. Jude can’t sell Rocket or give him away without Sophie’s written consent.

    The foster contract has already changed since this saga, we won’t need an adoption contract to forcefully remove a hostage if their happens to be a next time, and well since we use foster homes, smoking in the house has really no concerns unless we told people how to live.

    And in terms of better screening foster homes, there is no way to screen emotions, out of 6 similar stories, and 5 dogs returned, it’s always about the humans who cant control their emotions.


  3. Amélie,you do not know me at all.I have to laugh at people like you who read stories and pass judgement Only in your mind.

  4. I am someone who did his best for this Krishna(Rocket)right from the start.I did not want him to go to a family who would have left him alone eight hours or so a day,five days a week.I was 100% dedicated to him and did not leave him alone once in the six months that he was with me.What do you think I was doing? Do you know that I have also been helping other rescues and that I had at one time,had four dogs in my apartment,three of them mine and one with cancer? Life would certainly be easier if I just ignored the dog’s needs and only thought of mine.I have been dedicated to my 16 year old from the SPCA Montreal for the last 13 years since I rescued her from death row.I have been taking care of her almost all alone.I have now spent $3000 on vet bills in the last six months because of her condition.She is on every anti cancer food and alternative therapy that I can find.She eats home made very high quality food.The reason why I took Krishna in the first place was to help him and so that mine would not be alone.I have gotten a fine from the city,a warning from the police and complaints from the neighbors and all you have to say is that I look unstable? Have you seen the movie Year of the dog? Just what are you trying to accomplish coming on this website and criticising me? I really think you should think before you come and make your negative are doing nothing for anyone here.

  5. yeah right,this guy Jude,he saves dogs from being gassed and drives them all over Quebec and Ontario even getting speeding tickets sometimes because of the urgency of it all. He is such an awful person.I wonder from your comment if you are one of the people who would rather see these dogs being gassed than let the corrupt shelters make money.

  6. oh and Rick,I do not trust people who do not experience their emotions.That is the trouble with this world.People are numb and apathetic.They eat and wear the misery of others every day,sometimes at every meal like you.You yourself are numb,sucking away on your cigarettes.You have proven this by saying that you would rather see the dogs at the SCDD be gassed than let them have a chance to go on.You are more concerned that some people are profiting from them.Also,you and your mother who think you are these heroes prefer to eat etc animals than discontinue your support of their abuse and murder.You like eating them,you like the way they taste and that is what is important for you.

  7. Yes,that’s right.Sophie herself told me that she would eat dogs and cats if she lived in a country where that was the cultural norm.She said she likes a nice steak.Doesn’t matter if it’s cow,chicken,pig,cat or dog.As long as she gets a fill of that flesh.Sounds to me like someone who really has the animals best interest at heart.After all,Sophie and Rick know that the dogs love to smoke.They do it all the time.

  8. oh yeah,What about that other dog that Sophie adopted out to Jude on the same day as Krishna? The one that she said looked so much calmer and not skittish like she did before going to live with Jude? The one she found in the park all alone at the corner of de Lorimier and de Rouen? She made this observation in her cigarette smoke filled apartment at the same moment during which Jude was dropping off Krishna(Jude’s idea,Sophie had never oncesuggested this in the six or so months that he had been with Jude))(Krishna-Rocket) for two weeks(or so he thought)

  9. How come no one is trying to get this one back like no one ever tried to get Krishna back?

  10. and another thing Miss Amelie,are you aware,since you are such an authority on this matter and have been giving supreme right to judgement(like a said before,a situation and person you really have no true clue about)Krishna(Rocket) was hacking and weezing quite severly when Sophie handed him over to me six months ago and had since gotten all better.I wonder he was suffering so badly?Could it be that he was living in a smoky environment prior to being held hostage in my home?

    also SDA,it is quite absurd for you to be making such a story about Tyson being killed by the city when all the while you are suggesting the gassing of SCDD dogs rather than them being taken out by the numerous loving and compassionate volunteers from Paws for Life.

  11. and I waited ouside for the cops to arrive too. one of them was very nice and supportive towards me.he repeatedly told me that it was obvious that i am a very caring and great hearted guy.on the issue of animals and second hand smoke,there are 1,140,000 articles on the subject and by the way,Krishna(Rocket)has very small lungs so he is particularly susceptible to second hand cigarette smoke and it has already affected him.he was choking up mucus when he first got to me home.

  12. Sophie, My heart goes out to you. This guy (Jude) is a real nut job. Good luck!

  13. amelie and mark gauvreau smith: i dare you to try to say what you write her so ignorantly and cowardly to my face.little shits like you are so pathetic.

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