Ryan & Bryan

While Sophie was having her yearly reunion and celebrating her 50th Birthday, we were being born.

We are Ryan and Bryan, two Pitbull pups born around September 12th, and at barely 8 weeks of age, we were already destined to be put down.

Just like Riana and Briana, we were to be drowned, as this seems to be the new way to get rid of unwanted or unsold puppies in this demented society humans live in.

Obviously being Pitbulls, we are cute and adorable puppies, but we will grow up to become adult Pitbulls so Sophie will be very picky once potential adopters come forward, since adopting a Pitbull is nothing like adopting a Golden Retriever, mostly because of the stigma that comes with being a Pitbull. Make sure you’re ready for that 15 year commitment before even considering making us a member of your family, we don’t want to be statistics.

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