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I have a new name, Schubert, and am hoping for a new life. I am an 8 year old Maltese who had a horrible name, and a pretty plain life. I lived with a buddy, Snow (he was renamed too), and both of us were given up because of a “grandbaby” who would not come visit if we were still around.

So our mom and dad just give us up after all these years, our teeth were in a severe state of deterioration, having never gone to a vet since we were puppies.

Luckily I am a healthy and peppy little guy and ready to start a new family. By that, I mean find someone who wants me to be theirs for the rest of my life, and will treat me as I should when I start getting old.

I am a sweet, small and friendly Maltese, I was quite barky at my old home, but in foster care I’m learning it’s not a necessity.

I’m looking for a mellow life, not a busy household. A life where I’ll be included in outings, go for walks, meet other doggy friends, and basically chill on my bed.

Am I going to be your new best pal?

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