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I have a new name, Schubert, and am hoping for a new life. I am an 8 year old Maltese who had a horrible name, and a pretty plain life. I lived with a buddy, Snow (he was renamed too), and both of us were given up because of a “grandbaby” who would not come visit if we were still around.

So our mom and dad just give us up after all these years, our teeth were in a severe state of deterioration, having never gone to a vet since we were puppies.

Luckily I am a healthy and peppy little guy and ready to start a new family. By that, I mean find someone who wants me to be theirs for the rest of my life, and will treat me as I should when I start getting old.

I am a sweet, small and friendly Maltese, I was quite barky at my old home, but in foster care I’m learning it’s not a necessity.

I’m looking for a mellow life, not a busy household. A life where I’ll be included in outings, go for walks, meet other doggy friends, and basically chill on my bed.

Am I going to be your new best pal?

3 thoughts on “Schubert Schubert

  1. What a shame how this little guy was neglected. Pfffff! Well I guess if people are too stupid to get along about dogs, they can’t take care of their dogs properly. That’s not love, but they got them for convenience. Well at least they’ll get the proper care and love now! It breaks my heart. I wish you the best! Schubert. <3

  2. What a sweetie! I already applied for a dog, but am now thinking about taking Schubert too – maybe a good companion for Molly, if I get her. Poor little pooch! Can’t imagine why a vet would never have been seen – that’s just negligence! Dog I s better off without parents like that!

    1. Hi Frank,
      Did you realize that Schubert is a bonded pair with Snow? Maybe if you’re considering adopting perhaps you would consider keeping these buddies together? Either way, you’re doing a great thing. :)

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