My name is Seymour, and my journey has been a sad and deceiving one. My breeds are a guess, possibly Beagle, maybe Pitbull, maybe Lab, or maybe anything totally different than those, it’s a mystery.

I originally came to Sophies Dog Adoption at the age of 5, and I was adopted by a wonderful gentleman who gave me this dignified name of Seymour (I used to be known as Patapouf – seriously!). I am now 9 years old, and unfortunately have to look for a new home once again.

I had a wonderful life, but the last year of his life has been rough and I really helped him get through a lot of things. Unfortunately, being originally from Europe, he decided to go back and see if there was more luck at earning a living over there, and was really hoping to have me sent back to him.

Sophie offered to take me back in foster care for about 6 months in hopes that my Dad would be able to get his life together enough for me to go live in Europe with him, but it looks like it will not happen or at least not for another year or so, and due to my age now, he has decided to let Sophie find me a new home in order to have a stable life for my retirement years.

I am the best! Good with kids, cats, other dogs, I love people and am a wonderfully calm and quiet dog. I can stay alone while you’re at work without getting myself in trouble or making a mess, I am not a barker, I am just a loving soul in need of a loving family.

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