My name is Soni and I’m now lonely. I’m one of the Magnificent 7, a litter of Golden/Lab puppies born November 2009, and like my foster sister Penelope, I too am looking for a new forever home. I’m only 2 and half, and a beautiful blond. Since I lived in the same house as Penelope, I’m also good with kids, dogs and cats.

I’m a little more anxious than¬†Penelope since we lost our home but are being boarded together at the moment while waiting for foster homes. As well, if I could find a home with¬†Penelope it would make me happy, but I can also learn to live without her.

I do have 5 sisters and a brother that have been adopted, if one of you want’s to welcome me, the little sister, that would also be a great home.

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