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I am Lolita, a wonderful and sweet little girl who was abandoned in an apartment when my owners moved out. I am a pitbull, probably an AmStaff or similar breed, and from what it seems, no more than 14 months old. It is obvious that I had puppies at my young age, I finished weaning them no more than 4 months as my body has not yet taken back it’s feminine shape….

I have proven to be very loving, good with dogs, cats and most people, however I am a little weary of certain men. I also need some education, as I like to jump at people when I’m excited, and I nip them to give them ‘love bites’, but they sometimes hurt…. I need someone who will become Alpha and show me the way to being a well-behaved dog.

I do very well in a crate when you are gone, I do not bark, whine nor cry. I have been very quiet since I have been rescued, as a matter of fact nobody knew I was in the apartment until the landlord came in…. It had been vacant for 4 days.

Stevie Wonder Dog

My name is Stevie the Wonder Dog, and I am a beautiful pitbull mix who was adopted as a puppy and unfortunately am looking for a new home again as my family moved to England and decided not to take me. I was born blind, but have managed to get around very well all this time. You would never know I’m blind except for the fact I look up at the sky when you speak to me.

Of course, you must be ready for the possibility that I may have complications in a few years that could require surgery. Right now the doctors don’t see any problems, but who knows what the future holds for me? I want someone who will not give up on me if I end up costing a little more money than a regular dog….. Please consider that before meeting me, as I will melt your heart.

Shadow 2

My name is Shadow 2 and I am a sweet girl. I was abandoned at the age of 4 months, a victim of July 1st dumping day.

I was found tied in a back alley where I spent all day until someone found me and took me in. I have learned a lot from my foster mom, but I have been around for a while. I am not very popular for some reason, probably due to my size. It looks like I’ll be a big girl, as I’m already close to 60 lbs.

I’m house-trained and in general a good girl. I can stay alone during the day, even though I am used to being in a crate, I no longer really need it.

I’m curious, but often nervous when meeting new people and dogs..
I’m very attentive to my human leader and I learn quickly. A person well experienced with us canines would be best for me, or least someone willing to learn and practice a lot.

I love to chase a ball, and I’ll bring it back to you. I like swimming after a ball or stick too. A good game for me with other dogs is tug-of-war.