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Mr. Emile

My name is Mr. Emile. Believe it or not, I was abandoned with my name written on the leash! I had no collar nor identifiable tags, other than this name written, to which I answer.

I am a Basset Hound, approximately 5 years old. I was found by a family with a couple of babies and 2 cats, and so far I love everyone! I licked the baby a few times, I think the cats are cool, and the people – hey they are real friendly.

It looks like I’ll be a great candidate for a family with kids, being a Basset, I am not what you would call ‘hyper’!

Mika 3

My name is Mika 3, I am a Basset Art?en Normand (smaller than a Basset Hound). I was born on January 25, 2007, so I am just a little over one year. I arrived at my full weight of 40 pounds (+ or -).

I make everybody laugh when I run in the snow … all you can see are my ears that look like propellers and the end of my tail sticking out.

I was bought at a pet store at the age of 3 months, so I spent some time in a cage.

I have not had much luck so far, I started to limp around the age of 4 months, so with a quality of life increasingly restricted for 6 months, after some research, I was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia left front (ulna bone had stopped growing and was pulling on the ulna, which was bent and dislocated the elbow joint), but I underwent an operation on October 9 by Dr. Jerome Plant?an excellent surgeon. My operation was a great success and I received my final leave on January 7, 2008 with a quality of life back to 100%!

I can once again run, jump, climb and go down the stairs and go do my favorite activities: play at the dog park. I don’t limp anymore. The only medicine to take for the rest of my life and prescribed by Dr. Plant?s an injection of both cartrophen 1 / 2 months (30 $ each) to protect and reduce the risk of inflammation and possible arthritis. (Note that the cartrophen is given once a month until April 2008, after which, it will be every 2 months for the rest of my life).

At the same time things are going well and I have no hip dysplasia … since I was in the hospital, we took the opportunity to check everything. My vet has suggested food from Hill’s JD, concentrated in glucosamine and omega 3.

At temperament, I am always in a good mood, I will never growl or show my teeth. I love to play, either alone (I throw toys up in the air that I catch in the air) or with the family, and I am very very sociable with other dogs.

I am very affectionate and love to give kisses, I love cuddles and hugs, especially on the belly.

Obviously, I am a hound, so I m’excited when I see a squirrel, bird or other that I encounter during our walks. Also, like any good hunting dog, I am quite stubborn and need a little more discipline. I love to welcome people by jumping on them, so I need a bit of work still on that.