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Tinkie Winkie

Remember that nice family who took Idefix & myself in foster care? Well they have decided to officially adopt me. Despite my anxiety, they just couldn’t resist my good looks, charming personality and simply fell in love.

I have finally found a home where I will have all the love I want, tasty meals, lots of toys and most of all any veterinary care that I may require throughout my life.

Chico 4

My name is Chico 4. I am a miniature Pinscher, about 1 and a half years old, and looking for the right home.

I am right now, an ankle biter, I walk you down the street (on my hind legs), I want to lunge at everything that moves (bikes, roller blades, etc..) but Sophie has been working hard with me so I am no longer the boss…..

I am a quick learner, but I will need someone who can structure me, otherwise I will always remain a little pain in the butt.

I am very affectionate, try to play the ‘macho card’ sometimes by showing my teeth, pretending to want to bite (I put my teeth on your hands, but don’t really put any pressure)…. so I definitely don’t want to bounce around from home to home because I am a ‘typical’ pinscher.