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Scoobie Girl

Scoobie Girl is my name!  I am a 3 year old English Bulldog who was taken in by a young couple who wanted to give me a good life, as my previous owners had let me get to 70 lbs (yup you read that right!!) and didn’t really care what happened to me.

They brought me back to a healthy 40-some pounds (I need to be weighed), and I have found my shape back.  Unfortunately, life kind of fell apart and the young girl is now alone with a full time job, and full time school.  She feels I am not getting the life I deserve, and since she wanted me to have a good life, she decided to ask Sophie’s Dog Adoption to find me that perfect home..

I am in fact great with everyone, even kids, but I am not so good with dogs.  I am what you would consider a “bully”, as my welcoming way is to pin a dog down and make lots of noise!!  Because of the shape of my mouth, there’s not a whole lot of “biting” going on, but lots of bullying and dominance, especially on leash.  Leash aggression is one of my biggest problems, that needs to be worked on.

I am cute as a button, and if you love Bulldogs, I’m the gal for you!  Loving, cuddly, and just adorable!  You just can’t get enough of looking at that face of mine!

Will you be the one to love and cherish me for the rest of my life?  I came off the internet, so who really knows how many homes I’ve had since birth.  Please give me a final and stable home, I’ll make you laugh with my goofy face during your saddest moments!

Molly 8 & Hurley

Let me introduce myself, Hurley, a six year old English Bulldog and my younger “sister”, Molly 8, a four year old Bulldog like me.

We are hoping to be adopted together as we do enjoy each others company, but if splitting us up is the only way to find us homes, then we will have no choice.

We are both quite big, of the stocky kind, however Molly 8 is also what I would call overweight. Myself, I am a big boy, but still have a waist.

Obviously we both need some exercise and a reduced diet, as our previous family was compensating their lack of time for us with food.

We are both very affectionate, cuteness is in the eye of the beholder, but I consider myself cuter then Molly 8. I have a beautiful dark face, while Molly 8 is mostly white.

English Bulldogs are not for everyone, as people who know our breed understand and realize that we have more possibilities of health issues due to our genetically engineered shape especially when it comes to our legs and our noses. We are often prone to developing breathing problems and arthritis as we get older. So if you want to adopt us keep in mind that in several years you may need to give us special care in order for us to have a long and healthy life. If you decide to take us in, we will be forever grateful and will shower you with love.