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My name is Buddah, and my mix is still a guess. I may be mixed with Bernese Mountain Dog or maybe Newfoundland Mountain Dog, but what is for sure, is that I will be BIG.

I am not quite 3 months (probably born around April 30th or so) and already close to 30 lbs if not more.

Of course, I am still very young so no training. I was kept tied on a small balcony day and night until my family got fed up (they didn’t have much patience – I hadn’t been there very long) and decided I’d be better off alone in the back lane fending for myself. Someone heard about it, took me in and called Sophie. So now, I am looking for a new home.

I am sad to see that someone took me home, gave me hope of a family, to tie me up and then decide I was too much for them and abandon me. I may be big, but I am just a baby. It is a sad world I was born into, and I hope to find someone who will love me for all the years to come!