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I have been named Chance by Sophie as it was chance that made me find the porch of a person who called Sophie’s Dog Adoption rather than send me to the local pound.

I am a victim of the ‘dump your dog in the country’ society. I was dumped near St-Hyacinthe in the middle of nowhere, and found my way to the porch of a wonderful man who was taking his dog for a midnight walk. Upon his return, he saw me; filthy, emaciated, thirsty, exhausted and hungry. He took me in, gave me water, a warm bed and a good meal and decided to look for a way to find me a good home.

So chance had it that I found him, who in turned found Sophie!! Now the chance will be to the one who adopts me as I am truly a wonderful, goofy, sweet boy who just wants to be fed, loved and cuddled!