Tyson 4 – $3,000 later

$3,000 dollars later, I’m still looking for that forever home who will love me unconditionally. Here’s the latest update on me:

One of Sophie’s great foster homes had offered to take me out of hiding and try fostering me with his two old dogs as I’ve always been good with dogs I knew. Being experienced and knowledgable, my foster Dad introduced me to his two old girls and I was in heaven. He called Sophie within the hour to say that I was happier then a pig in shit and was having a great time with the girls. He felt so good about taking me out of there, it looked like it would be a great place until I find that forever home.

Unfortunately it didn’t last, the next thing you know he was calling Sophie to say I had grabbed his dog and injured her pretty badly. She told him to rush to her vet where she met them, and thankfully the injury, even though extensive, turned out to be a huge skin laceration, but no serious damage was caused. Poor old Saffy walked to the scale still wagging her tail.

Even though my foster Dad described the incident as being horrendous, he never saw any aggression but obviously Sophie decided it was time to have me evaluated by a professional to determine at this point whether I should be euthanized as this situation totally surprised her. She has always claimed that I’m very submissive, have no aggression issues, that I was simply not good with some dogs, she started doubting her assessment of me.

I’m ecstatic to have passed the evaluation with flying colors as far as the danger to the public determination made by the city. What seems to happen with me comes from early on (3 to 5 weeks old) when I lacked the socialization needed to learn my limits with other dogs. So basically I see another dog as a toy and shake the hell out of it as I do not understand the screeching and screams coming from the other dog. So the assessment is this, I’m extremely submissive, passive, easy going but have absolutely no aggression issues and certainly do not pose a threat or danger to humans. Of course I can never go out without a muzzle, cannot go to dog parks, and can only interact and play with other dogs wearing a tight fitted muzzle that cannot come off, as I really do love the company of other dogs.

Sophie is therefore going to try to get my death sentence lifted so I can return into a normal environment and get out of this cell. My evaluator told Sophie that keeping me here will not affect me as I’m so easy going, however let me tell you I hate it here and want to get out!

All the money that has been spent to keep me alive means less to save others and I feel really bad, but Sophie would never have put me down just because of financial reasons. So if you want to help you can make a donation or by buying Sophie a coffee, every little bit will help. Hugs and kisses to all of you who are rooting for me, I will soon be free again! As they say in New Hampshire, LIVE FREE or DIE.

3 thoughts on “Tyson 4 – $3,000 later”

  1. This heart wrenching story seems suspicious. I tried calling to ask to take care of Tyson two weeks ago and I didn’t get a response. It would be terrible if this story is fabricated to generate misused sympathy or funds. I hope I am wrong!

    1. We only call back those who leave voice messages, send e-mail or post comments on this website.

      Catching Sophie on the phone is like winning the lottery as she runs Sophie’s Dog Adoption on her own (hence the name!).

      She only does callbacks because her days would go to waste answering phone questions instead of rescuing dogs. Obviously you left no message or you would of received a call or email back from her, or even a comment reply from me.

      Tyson is still in hiding and you would need to fill out a foster form before you could even take him out of hiding. We don’t place dogs with just anyone! Especially Tyson.

      If you want to help Tyson you need to fill out a foster form by inquiring about it by email. Once Sophie checks out your references to make sure you know what you’re getting into and that you’re actually allowed dogs in your residence, you might then be accepted as a foster home for Tyson, or even another dog to make room for Tyson elsewhere.

      If you live in “Montreal” it’s also useless as the city inspector is out looking for Tyson. By next week if the city won’t remove the euthanasia order Tyson will be leaving the Island.


    2. Thanks for your response Rick. I do live in Montreal so I don’t meet your criteria. My prayers are with you Tyson! Thanks for all your efforts Sophie!

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