Tyson 4 – In October

Whoo hoo! I’m off the Island of Montreal, enjoying the country side, the green pastures, the hills around me, the clean fresh cool air surrounding my new temporary hiding place. Sophie has not yet given up and despite the outrages amounts of money that I’m costing her, she will not let me down.

She knew that keeping me in solitary confinement in a tiny cell was driving me nuts more and more, as whenever she came for my daily outing, I was more and more hyper and excited to see her because I was getting restless. Now I can run, sniff the grass, lift my leg here and there and interact with wonderful, caring, loving people who can actually play with me and throw a ball around for me to run after and stretch them legs. I have lost a lot of muscle mass in the last 90 days and this will give me the chance to get some back.

Hopefully by the end of this month I will be back in Montreal, at Sophie’s (unless a foster home comes through) and no longer have to hide as Sophie not only promised me she would get this death sentence removed, things are actually in motion as she’s taking the City to Superior Court in order to have a Judge make a decision that will remove this power the City bullies have to kill a sweet guy like me just on the grounds that I’m a Pitbull. So I’m crossing everything I can cross and cant wait to hear from Sophie in ten days from now. If she doesn’t win this on Friday, she will need more money to keep me here until round II, even though it’s more expensive then where I was before, this like heaven compared to that.

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  1. That’s GREAT news to hear guys! I’ve been thinking a lot about Tyson the last couple weeks, hoping things would work out for him. Just wondering if the court date was yesterday or if it’s next week? I wish you both good luck in the case, and may it set a precedent for all breed specific laws! Bottom line is, we can’t do that to Pitt bulls, there’s what at least 25 kinds (or more)of dogs that would be considered Pitt bulls with these current crazy laws! Also just want to give yuo a heads up that Quebec Animaux is going to be holding a charity event to help out rescues in need with food, toys, donations,bones,treats ect. for the underpriviledged pets of Montreal.

    I’d love it if you guys either came or even sent me some suggestions as to what you’d need the most, I’d like to help out with getting funds for Tyson and the animals you all do so much for everyday. The link to the event is here http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=163398507013428

  2. Mme Sophie,cette femme qu’ont nomme Jacinthe bouchard,fait beaucoup de tort a la race pitbul et j’avoue ne pas trop apprecier ca personnalité et meme que je lui ai deja dit !!! Va t’elle continuer longtemp a defaire tout ce que l’ont tente de construire ??? Merci pour votre bon travaille vous etes l’ange des pitbul :)

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