Tyson 4 – In September

Please someone come through for me… I’m getting restless, stressed out, extremely bored and depressed. Sophie came to spend some time with me today and she noticed how much muscle mass I have lost as I’m not getting any exercise.

Sophie is really sad to see me in this situation but she’s helpless right now. There is no way I can return to her place as the city inspector tried to reach her again this week asking for proof of my execution, to which she replied she would go to jail before killing me based on that crazy letter he pulled out of his …

Im in a very safe place right now but this is the best she can do. If funds were available, she could find me a nice boarding facility where I would get playtime, long walks, daily exercise and people to hug and kiss me.

2 thoughts on “Tyson 4 – In September”

  1. I really feel for this guy. Depending on his location, I might be able to exercise him a few times a week. If that would be helpful, feel free to get in touch.

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