Tyson 4 – In August

Urgent, Urgent, Urgent

I’m Tyson 4, my name, breed and attitude towards certain dogs make me unpopular. However I am the sweetest and most charming dog you’ll ever meet. Unfortunately I bit another dog on the street (no damage was done) but Sophie’s Dog Adoption was sent a notice to have me euthanized within 48 hours. SHE WON’T LET THAT HAPPEN.

So I’m in hiding and have been for two weeks and this is getting expensive and stressful so I need another place. I’m a 3 year old Pitbull, I’m great with kids, cats, people and could learn to socialize with other dogs. I just need the chance to stay alive. If you can’t foster me please be generous and donate funds to keep me in hiding, stressful and boring is better than the other options.


8 thoughts on “Tyson 4 – In August”

    1. Tyson is what we call “Iffy”, which means he can be great or show aggression towards the dog regardless of sex, size, sterilized or not. As a rule he can learn to socialize and live with other dogs with time, patience and the right introduction. Definitely any introduction would require him to be muzzled at first.

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