My name is Uma, I am a one year old Brittany Spaniel. I love kids (I was raised with a 1 and a half and an 8 year old) and I’m great with other dogs, big and small, even though I can be a bit rough with very tiny dogs.

I love car rides, I know stuff like ‘sit, stay, down’, and I’m very willing to learn more.

I love to swim in the pool during the summer and I even come back up by the ladder. I’m a very smart girl, I never go on the furniture unless invited. I sit and wait to eat my food until told ‘go’.

I can be left unleashed to run and I will come back when called.

I do have a few issues, though, such as the fact I don’t do well alone if not crated. I will chew stuff due to stress. When in my crate, I will bark a few minutes, but will stop. However, if I’m left more than 5 hours, I will start licking myself nervously and chewing on my paws.

I have some learning to do still, I get really excited when meeting new people or when visitors come to the house, and I like to jump up on them.

I don’t do too well with cats, as I think it’s fun to chase them. I think it’s a game, but they don’t think it’s too cool.

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