Walla Walla

Walla Walla is my name and running away was my game. I was found outside of the Indian reservation running around on someones property and being a Pitbull the lady was going to call the pound. Luckily, her grandson stopped a friend on the street to ask him if he could take me since I was such a sweet boy, extremely skinny and neglected and didn’t see much of a future for me if I was returned or sent to the pound.

Guess what the friend did? He called Sophie as he knew that with her I would have a real chance at a good life. So here I am, putting on weight, playing with Olivia, my foster sister – a red nose Pitbull. So far I have shown only good qualities, I walk well on a leash, I’m playful and friendly with other dogs, I seem to be housetrained and love being around people.

I’m looking for a home who will love me, nurture me and feed me as much as my belly needs for a growing boy like me as I’m most likely under two years old.

One thought on “Walla Walla”

  1. This little fella just breaks my heart to know that someone can mistreat any animal like that. If he is still available, I know that he would make a great friend to me and my other 2 dogs.

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