Zeus 2

My name is Zeus 2, and at 3 1/2 months, I am already a victim of our consumer society. I was purchased at the age of 11 weeks from a petshop, by a young lady who just fell in love with my beautiful face.

However, even though she kept me ‘hidden’ from Mom who owns the house, I was discovered and all hell broke loose. It was either she move out with me, or I leave and she stays. Guess what happened?

So I’m in a foster home right now, hoping to find a family who will love me forever, no matter what shoes I chew up or what rug I pee on. Please, I am a cute baby, but don’t let that cute face fool you. I AM A BEAGLE, and if you don’t know how to raise me right, you are in for a life of misery! Beagles are not for everyone, we can be very stubborn and hard headed, and that nose of ours just leads us astray!!!

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