Zeus 3

I am Zeus 3! A sweet boy, who unfortunately was born in Lebanon about 4 years ago and have never known what a home is…:(

I was rescued during the war in 2006, and was never adopted in Lebanon. My chances are: I never will be. I am a ‘mutt’, and a large one at that, but I deserve a chance at a good life. This is why BETA sent me here, so I’ll have a chance at a real home. My mix is a bit of a guess, but probably some sort of sheep dog in my ancestry somewhere.

I am housetrained, calm, smart, obedient, get along with other dogs, and love human affection. A pretty good resume for a homeless dude, huh!

I will make anyone a wonderful friend and companion, if you think I could be dude for you, I would love to have you as a family!

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