I’m Zsa-Zsa and I am a total love bug. Around 6 yrs old, or so. In great shape aside from my teeth needing a good brushing once in a while. I was not fed the best food in the past but my breath is fine….no worries. Looks like I was used as a breeding female and once I was too old to give out regular lucrative litters, I was tossed aside.Can you imagine that? Still so young but not for somebody looking to make a buck off of me.

I was found near Honore-Beaugrand metro wandering all on my own. My body shows I have given birth many times. My state at the time was awful. I was covered in fleas, all matted and had bad ear infections. I’m all better now thanks to Sophie taking me in and getting me all the care I needed. I’m in foster care now living with several dogs and cats and I am getting along famously with everyone. I love people, walks and cuddling. I truly am the perfect dog. No issues, no attitude, no special needs. I never bark. I had my hair shaved because of my previous neglect but once it grows back, I will be even more gorgeous that I already am. I have very pretty colors I’m told.

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