I’m Zulu, a small framed, 18 month old, goofy looking Cane Corso male who was “imported” from Italy to compete as a show dog.

The plans changed with in the year, as running around to make me Best in Show would have been time consuming for my owner.

Having a busy life, he no longer has time for his dream nor to give me the kind of life I really need, so I’m looking for a new home.

Sophie came to meet me tonight and her first assessment is that I’m a very good teenager. I’m very mellow, well behaved and friendly, I didn’t try to eat Little Sue who tried to bite my nose off because I really like other dogs.

I don’t seem to pay much attention towards cats on the street so that would make it easy to introduce me to family cats.

Update: Zulu is presently on hold, as the owners neighbor who has been taking care of him will not relinquish him back to his owner.

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  2. Hello it is me again but this time I am writing to you because I am also very interested in adopting Zulu so if you could please send me all the info on him also I would appreciate it very much okay thank you for your time

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