When people ask my name the response is Askim. That’s my name, Askim. I was in a 9 month old mix possibly Ridgeback and no one knows anything about me, as I was found roaming the streets. Despite the fact that i was very skinny, I’m filling out and turning into a stunning dog.

I run like a gazelle, play very gently with other dogs and think cats are really cute. Kids of all ages are my buddies so ideally a home that has all of the above would make me happy.

I’m unfortunately changing foster homes again, but an application was received today for me so I’m crossing my toes. So you cross your fingers and toes for me and hope that this will be my future home.

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  1. hello there,

    i’m looking into adopting a dog for my friend. he lives north of the city, and has two kids ages 5 and 7.

    1. Thanks for your interest in Askim, but he should get adopted this week. Please be advised however that through Sophie’s Dog Adoption you cannot adopt a dog “for a friend”. You may pay the adoption fee and do the research for a friend, but the person who will be caring for the dog must fill out the application form with the appropriate references, meet the dog and must be fully aware and in agreement of the long term and financial commitment that having a dog entails.

  2. how old is Askim? where is he located? is he house broken? neutered?
    would he be good with a 2nd dog? ideally a ‘bitch’ basset hound that rules the roost but loves her boys? i have a 11 year old boy, 2 cats and we have over an acre of land in ontario.
    we have a griffon wired hair pointer – very neurotic and hyper but he has a nasty tumor. our basset has addisons disease and is very attached to our pointer baby. we & her vet are worried about how she will react when her best buddy will pass on. we are considering another dog for this reason – as her companion and also as a family member. we love dogs and are good owners. i don’t get too upset when they puke on my silk persian carpets :)

    1. Askim would be good with all of the above he is a fabulous dog, great with cats, old dogs, kids and is a very submissive, respectful and well behaved teenage pup. We evaluate him to be around 9 months old, and all my dogs are sterilized and vaccinated as they arrive.


  3. HI sophie
    What is Askim’s status? I send you my application for ‘dilbert’ last night but am still interested in Askim.
    Can I meet him?
    Let me know.
    Julia Germain
    King City Ontario

    1. He’s still up for adoption. He’s now in a foster home not to far from Dilbert. Once your application gets approved Sophie will put you in contact with said foster homes.

      These days it can easily take up to 7 days before Sophie approves an application as getting a hold of all references and vet clinics takes time.

      Sophie will contact you once the application is approved.


  4. hi sophie
    I was supposed to come to montreal this weekend from toronto to meet Askim & Dilbert.
    My trip is delayed 2 weeks.
    Is Askim still available? His description fits us perfectly and he has such mature soulful eyes?
    What is his status?

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