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Well it looks like I’m not going to a new home after all. The lady who spent the afternoon with me on Saturday and was so excited of the possibility of me moving in my the end of this week, e-mailed Sophie the next day saying that after thinking about it, is no longer ready to adopt a dog.

So I’m in a new foster home, once again hoping that someone will want to give me that forever home. In case you already forgot, I am a really great dog who is good with kids, cats and other dogs.


When people ask my name the response is Askim. That’s my name, Askim. I was in a 9 month old mix possibly Ridgeback and no one knows anything about me, as I was found roaming the streets. Despite the fact that i was very skinny, I’m filling out and turning into a stunning dog.

I run like a gazelle, play very gently with other dogs and think cats are really cute. Kids of all ages are my buddies so ideally a home that has all of the above would make me happy.

I’m unfortunately changing foster homes again, but an application was received today for me so I’m crossing my toes. So you cross your fingers and toes for me and hope that this will be my future home.