I have been named Averel and I am a young (7 month old) male, and by all aspects probably a Golden mix. Mixed with what is the question, as I have very large paws, am already a very big boy so possibly with a LARGE breed.

I am a little skittish, I come from a farm where all my siblings were sold but me, so I was headed for the pound and instead came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption in hopes of finding a good home.

I don’t know a whole lot, but I am very eager to learn and please, I get along great with cats, and even though a little nervous around some dogs, I do get along with them once the initial “sniffing” is done.

I would love to have a family with kids, an active family or someone who will give me exercise so I don’t get restless and become a destructive, out-of-control teenage pup.

Can you be my new and forever home?

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