I am Bentley, the Rolls Royce of little dogs! Cute, adorable, friendly, gentle, affectionate and cuddly…. You can’t get better than that!

I’m a one year old Maltese boy, maybe mixed with something else, but very tiny and very Maltese looking!

I am looking for a new home due to a move and “lack of time” to take care of me. I am all white, so high-maintenance (and I was way overdue for grooming when I arrived) but absolutely gorgeous if brushed and maintained regularly.

I am energetic so a family with kids could be good as I love to play and be around people. But I do have character, so if you don’t structure me, I could easily turn into a little monster. I have shown I don’t like to “share” my food with other dogs, we’re working on that!

Give me the life I deserve and I will make you happy forever!

3 thoughts on “Bentley”

  1. I came across this ad via Facebook and my heart melted!
    We have a wonderful 3 year old male Maltese who would probably LOVE to have a friend in our home (as he adores other dogs). I’m curious to know if Bentley is somewhat trained?

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