Baby Doc

My name is Baby Doc. I originally came into Sophie’s Dog Adoption a few years back, I was part of a litter named The Seven Dwarfs, and I was Doc.

I was adopted by a wonderful family with kids, and they renamed me Baby. Unfortunately, I have to find a new home as I have become very controlling in the house and insecure outside of the house. So I am now going by the name Baby Doc. I am a mutt, mixed with different breeds but definitely some Australian Shepherd or Cattle dog, and I do have some ‘herding’ instincts from that side of my family.

My family has been working really hard with me and have done great work. They took me to get professional help several times and things are better…but…I have a need to control the kids and bite them when they get excited or run around, or if I simply don’t want to be petted.

If I’m on ‘my’ territiory, I get over protective. I sometimes react, and sometimes don’t. It’s become hard for my family to know when I will or will not react.

What has helped me in the past is homeopathic granules to help stabilize a chemical imbalance in my brain that makes me so ‘worried’ but then the Holistic veterinarian who was seeing me took his retirement and I was no longer able to get the meds. But at this point, with or without meds I should not continue living in a home with children.

I would do great in a home with one person or a couple, and it seems now that the Vet has given his files to a new one, so I could be put back on the granules if you want.

So if you think you want to work with me, give me a new home, help will be available to you in order to integrate me properly. You will be strangers at first, and I am an insecure dog.

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