Rayann & Raylen

I’m Raylen, the biggest pup (already 20lbs) and my sister Rayann is the smallest one (only 14lbs), all our siblings are in the middle. Both of us are still looking for homes and both of us look a lot like Mom, Rayann even has that white line on her nose like Mom and our brother Rayven.

We have been together since we were born and left Mom about three weeks ago so we’re very well adjusted and socialized. We’re now ready to be split up and find some wonderful homes and hopefully see each other once a year at Sophie’s reunion.

It’s hard to say how big we’ll get but by the looks of things I expect to be about 90lbs and little sis should remain petite like Mom, probably around 60lbs.

If you want to give us a new life, a forever home, contact Sophie at (514) 523-5052 or info@sophiesdogadoption.com

You can see more pictures of us taken by our foster home on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=206006&id=513633945&l=2c378c469d

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  1. Grrr… just submitted a comment and it went to google search and disappeared. Hate that.

    So, any new news about Raynelle? I’ve been wondering about her since Raymond was adopted and haven’t noticed any updates or info about her lately. Just wondering how she’s doing and curious if there’s any updated pics :)

    Also, how’s Sunshine? Was she to be adopted by her foster family? If I remember right?

    Thanks in advance for any info!


  2. Hi,

    My roommates and I have been fostering these two puppies (we call them Albert and Lily) for about a month now and I just wanted to write a little blurb to tell everyone how awesome they are!

    We may be a bit biased since we’re completely in love with them, but they are the BEST PUPPIES EVER!!! We would love (LOVE!!) to adopt them, but our apartment is just too small (and is getting smaller everyday as they get bigger).

    Lily is the little girl who is the adventurous, semi-dominant one. She is the cutest little cuddler, and just loves giving kisses and curling up with you to take little naps. She’s great on walks, and loves exploring!!

    Albert is the big boy who is just a bundle of love. He is very protective of his little sister, and is a gentle soul who also loves cuddling and playing.

    They are both semi-house trained (less accidents everyday!) and will ask to go out most of the time. They love sleeping in their crate, and sleep through the night without a sound. They are both great with other dogs, puppies, and kids, and have been exposed to all kinds of people/places/smells and are GREAT city dogs, not afraid of anything!

    I can’t believe that such beautiful and well behaved puppies haven’t been adopted yet. They have such big, distinct personalities, and are both so loving and gentle. We feel that we got so lucky fostering such a wonderful pair, but they are getting big FAST! We really hope that they can find homes… Any family/person would be lucky to have them!

    P.S. Have you seen how good looking they are? We get stopped on the street constantly by people saying they’ve never seen better looking puppies. We’d have to agree!

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