My name is Bart. I am a beautiful and sweet, 4 year old Wired-Hair Dachshund.

Unfortunately I have been bouncing around for several years, I am very cute and friendly, but have a ‘terrier’ side to me which makes me harder to deal with than your average dog.

I love people in general, am very friendly and affectionate, but once I know you. I don’t do well at all with strangers, especially if I feel threatened or intimidated. I am very protective of my family, and unfortunately have had a couple of biting incidents with people who get too close that I don’t know.

I also don’t do too well on a leash when meeting other dogs/people, but this is getting much better. In both cases, I can certainly be worked with, but I am looking for a family who is really determined to work with me and give me the chance at a real life.

Ideally, someone who would not have to walk me on a street with many dogs, so maybe someone out in the country or more out of town so I could either walk in a neighbourhood without meeting too many people, or better yet, someone with a yard.

As for the incidents with ‘strangers’, the family would have to make sure I am put behind a baby gate or muzzled when newcomers come to the house, once I know everyone, I am fine.

There is a family out there for me, I know it, my question is: when will they find me? I am absolutely adorable, I have a personality that will charm anyone if given the chance.

Please contact Sophie’s Dog Adoption if you are an experienced person or couple who wants to really give me a chance. Because of my fear of strangers, a family with no kids would be best. I love kids, but you never know what ‘strange’ friend they could bring home!!

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