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I have been named Bosco and by all looks of it I was dumped. I’m a male Dachshund, approximately six years old and overweight. I was found near a dog park and it was obvious I didn’t get there on my own as my nails were so curled around I could barely walk.

Attempts were made anyway in case I was lost, but no one came looking. So here I am looking for a new home. I’m good with dogs, very friendly, able to stay alone and fully house trained.

I am a gentle soul and would probably do well with kids over ten. I defiantly need to lose some weight, but otherwise I am a healthy boy.


My name is Otto and I’m just under a year old. I’m a weird looking little thing, and I had a weird kind of beginning as my first mom passed away and I ended up with a family member who thought I was too much to handle.

So here I am a Yorkshire Teckel mix, Mom was the hairy one, Dad was the short legged one, so that combination made cute little me.

I’m a good little dog, but definitely energetic as I’m a teenager with lots of Terrier.  I’m good with other dogs, cats, would be good with kids who don’t pull my hair and love people. Friendly, sweet, cute, affectionate, all those are my qualities. My faults? I’m a Terrier!

Oscar 2

My name is Oscar 2, I am a sweet and loving Dachshund. I am a male, 4 years old, and lots of fun to be around.

I don’t care for male dogs, but I have not yet been neutered (this will be done before adoption), which probably doesn’t help. However, I love females. I am also great around cats, as I don’t even see them! Literally, I could walk right over one! So I don’t have any desire to chase them at all. However, I love to play ball. I could chase that all day!

I am not too crazy about kids either, so a family or couple with no children would be what I need. I am not mean to them, just run from them as they kind of scare me. I am fully housetrained so no worries there.


My name is Bart. I am a beautiful and sweet, 4 year old Wired-Hair Dachshund.

Unfortunately I have been bouncing around for several years, I am very cute and friendly, but have a ‘terrier’ side to me which makes me harder to deal with than your average dog.

I love people in general, am very friendly and affectionate, but once I know you. I don’t do well at all with strangers, especially if I feel threatened or intimidated. I am very protective of my family, and unfortunately have had a couple of biting incidents with people who get too close that I don’t know.

I also don’t do too well on a leash when meeting other dogs/people, but this is getting much better. In both cases, I can certainly be worked with, but I am looking for a family who is really determined to work with me and give me the chance at a real life.

Ideally, someone who would not have to walk me on a street with many dogs, so maybe someone out in the country or more out of town so I could either walk in a neighbourhood without meeting too many people, or better yet, someone with a yard.

As for the incidents with ‘strangers’, the family would have to make sure I am put behind a baby gate or muzzled when newcomers come to the house, once I know everyone, I am fine.

There is a family out there for me, I know it, my question is: when will they find me? I am absolutely adorable, I have a personality that will charm anyone if given the chance.

Please contact Sophie’s Dog Adoption if you are an experienced person or couple who wants to really give me a chance. Because of my fear of strangers, a family with no kids would be best. I love kids, but you never know what ‘strange’ friend they could bring home!!


My name is Slinky, and I am a 2 year old Wire-Hair Dachshund. I am not a ‘show quality’ dog, as my hair is not quite what it should be, and I am slightly larger than your average Dachshund (plus I am overweight right now!), but I am loveable and sweet.

I weigh 33lbs, but should only weigh 25 as per the vet, so I’m on a diet, and will need to get those little legs running to lose that extra fat!

I love kids, other dogs, people, am friendly, affectionate and goofy looking. But I DO NOT like cats, rabbits, ferrets, or any other critters (including birds) as I am a hunter and could hurt one of those little non-canine/non-human species! Other than that, I am not at all dominant, I was ‘attacked’ by a vicious chihuahua (who I could have mistaken for a rat easily!!) and just backed away from her. Not my thing to get into a fight with a dog… just those darn cats and stuff!


My name is Tequila, I am a 4 year old Teckel. I used to have it made, and then one day my family decided to have a baby! Yuk! Now I have to share my space and love, and I really don’t like it.

As sad as it makes them, they are afraid I will eventually bite the baby as I am extremely jealous so I am now hoping to find a home with no kids.

I am sweet, friendly, loving and a great boy. I am fully housetrained and can stay at home alone without getting myself in trouble, so basically I am a good boy. I just need to have a family all to myself! I don’t want to share with little humans, I want all the love!


My name is Bodi, I am a 7 year old Lebanese Teckel mix. Yup, I came all the way from Beirut in hopes of finding a home. I travelled a long way, with Sunny 2 and Leslie, 2 of my shelter buddies.

We have been in a shelter in Beirut for too long, with all the bombs going off all the time, some of the people there wanted us to have a chance at a better life, so we were sent here, to beautiful Montreal.

I am almost completely blind from cataracts, and my hearing is not so great. However, I seem to have no handicaps as I get around very well. I am very friendly, love belly rubs, get along with everyone and love car rides.