I am Bello!  The cutest little 8 week old pup you’ve ever seen, one blue eye, one brown eye.  I am a Rotweiller/Husky mix, and this is my story:  Someone irresponsible guy  had a female Husky (Mom), she met a Rotweiller (Dad) and got pregnant. 7 Puppies later and barely 6 weeks old, we ‘had to go’… So the guy’s friend took me, for his friend.  Now keep in mind this guy is young.  Doing a good thing, helping the other guy place the unplanned, unexpected puppies.

So he takes me to his friend, this friend keeps me 24 hours, and shows up on his doorstep the next day to say ‘I’m not cut out for a puppy – here, take him back’.  So now the second guy is stuck with me, can’t take me back to the first guy as we ‘had to go’ – I’m no longer his responsibility….

So the second guy pleads with his parents to keep me while I find a home, but this is Mom’s third time around, she knows you don’t just place a puppy like that, this is not the first time the son brings home a pup!

So after trying to see what the best thing for me would be, she somehow heard of Sophie’s Dog Adoption and decided this was my best option.  So I am now looking for that responsible, committed, loving family who will take me in and raise me well, give me everything I need to ensure my well-being and make me a part of their family for the next 10-15 years.

At this young age, there is not much to say other than I am very cute.  But cute isn’t all you need to see to ensure a happy lifetime for  us together.  I will be going through all the stages of puppyhood, and due to my breed mix, I can easily become a ‘bad’ dog if all you do is see how ‘cute’ I am.

2 thoughts on “Bello”

  1. Hi Sophie.

    My husband and I have been looking to adopt a young pup for some time, now. After seeing many cute little faces, Bello really caught our eye.

    Could you please give us more details/info on him. We live in a house on the South Shore with a large completely fenced in back yard, a wonderful bike path (great for long walks!) and great dog parks (to meet friends). We have two young children who are good with our friends dogs and are anxious for our own little puppy to love.

    Is there any way that we could meet young Bello?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Snizynsky

    1. Jennifer, this is all the information we have on Bello for now.

      Only once an application form is approved can you meet Bello in his foster home, his foster parents can give you more details and info on Bello as they have been living with him. However we can’t just refer anyone to go visit him until they are approved and seriously committed into finding the right match. An approved application by no means obligates you into adopting Bello, it simply allows you to visit all of the potential matches.


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