My name is Hubert, and I am a gorgeous, 4 year old Grand Duke Basset Hound.  I am a big boy, not overweight, but a big frame, weighing in at 62 lbs. I am very mellow, sweet, friendly, and a real gem.  However, don’t leave an open door or take me off leash, as I sure can run!  You wouldn’t think that from my short legs, but boy can I go!

I was to be ‘euthanized’ because suddenly at the age of 4, I ‘growled’ at the 14 year old daughter of the house.  Dad said it was unacceptable and that I had to be put down.  Seriously, I don’t even remember growling at her, and if I did, she probably bugged me!

So a young lady rescued me (she has a soft spot for Bassets), but knowing she could not add me to her existing pack, she called Sophie and here I am.  The one thing she’s hoping and would love is to be able to find out where I go, so I’m asking the family/person who adopts me to please let this young girl be in touch with you, as without her, I would in fact have been euthanized.

So far I have proven to be wonderful, nobody can believe I actually growled at anyone, let alone a family member, however I am not a ‘playful’ dog, so little kids might not be my cup of tea.

I had gums that had overgrown on my teeth, as well as a bad case of gum disease, so I’ve been all taken care of thanks to this wonderful young girl and her family, and I am ready to find a new home.  I have been neutered, had gum surgery and teeth cleaning and have a clean bill of health.  Blood tests, urine analysis, stool analysis, all that could be done was done to ensure I am healthy.

I do have a condition called Interdigital Furunculosis ( between my toes, which is being treated now, but may be recurring, or I may be prone to this due to my very deep and big toes.  This may require ‘foot baths’ with Epson salt on a regular basis, but is very treatable and preventable.  Don’t let that scare you!

I hope to find a forever family, at 4 years of age I have quite a few years left and don’t want to bounce around from family to family.  So please, do the research about Bassets before you even contact Sophie.

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