Brahma & Darshan

We are Brahma and Darshan. We are 2 boys and looking to be rehomed together.

I, Brahma, am born in Sept. 03. I am all black, and weigh under 6 lbs. I have a very submissive temper, am fully obedience trained, I don’t bark for no reason (only if someone is at the door), am super well socialized. I love everyone, but have some separation anxiety and need to be with my buddy Darshan. It is preferable to crate me when left alone. I love cats, and get along with other dogs too. I am also a big fan of kids.

Darshan, is born in Sept. 04. He is a little bigger than me, about 10 to 12lbs. Like me, he has a very submissive temper and is fully obedience trained as well. He also doesn’t bark unless someone is at the door, and is very well socialized. He just loves everyone. He has no emotional issues. He gets along with other pets, though he mostly ignores them. He definitely likes the company of kids and people better than other dogs, he just loves to be on your lap.

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