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Help Sophie Save Carlotta Regnig

Carlotta Regnig is the perfect example of a backyard breeders lack of care when it comes to their production dogs. Her story is a bit of a mystery as she was found wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Cute as can be, pleasantly plump and wearing an expensive frilly collar. Obviously very pleasing to the eye.


Unfortunately once Sophie looked at her teeth to try and determine her age, thinking someone must be missing this little girl, only to discover the most rotted teeth and caked on tartar, it was definite I was not going to be reunited. Anyone who can leave a dogs mouth like that in such horrendous conditions does not deserve this sweet little girl.

Due to her teeth being so bad her mouth quickly became infected and she stopped eating for two days. Today she had to be rushed to the vet and is now hospitalized with fluids, antibiotics, it would seem the bacteria got into her bloodstream. Sophie being very optimistic is doing everything for her to pull through. So far the estimate is at $352.09 and going up.

If and when she pulls through, the next step will be getting that mouth fixed and yanking those teeth out. That will cost another good chunk of money. To add to this poor little girl’s sufferings she will need to be spayed and have tumors removed from two mammary glands (hopefully not cancerous – but we are not there yet).

Please help us financially to get her back in shape and to give this poor little girl a good home for the rest of her life.

Total collected: $430.00



I have one eye, a new name and a new life up ahead. I’m Giuseppe, a friendly, two year old one eyed Chihuahua who would fit in with pretty much any kind of home.

I have a little bit of that Chihuahua barky side, but I’m not at all aggressive with anyone. I’m just a happy go lucky bouncy little thing who would love to cuddle and snuggle with you.


Je n’ai qu’un oeil, j’ai un nouveau nom et une nouvelle vie qui m’attend. Je suis Giuseppe, un gentil Chihuahua borgne, âgé de deux ans qui serait bien dans n’importe quel genre de foyer.

J’ai mon petit côté jappeux de Chihuahua, mais je ne suis pas du tout agressif avec qui que ce soit. Je suis simplement un petit gars enjoué et plein de vie qui ne veut que se blottir et se coller contre vous.


My name is Souris, and when I was given up (along with Valentine the Pug), my mom said I was tiny!!  When Sophie got there to pick me up, she saw a very pudgy Chihuahua/MinPin mix.  I should probably weigh about 10 lbs or so, right now I’m much more, but losing the pounds weekly!

I am a very sweet girl, 3 years old, and it seems I was the boss at my old house, here…. not so.  I am quite skittish, but absolutely no aggression.

I was trained on pee-pee pads so we’re working on learning outside and I’m learning pretty fast.

I would do well with pretty much any type of person or family, right now I am so insecure and scared of everyone, all I need is someone Alpha who will teach me to feel secure, independent and really enjoy all that life has to offer.  Can you be that person or family?Mon nom est Souris, et quand j’ai quitté mon foyer (avec Valentine la Pug), ma maitresse a dit que j’était toute petite!! Quand Sophie est arrivé pour me prendre, elle a vue une Chihuahua/Pinscher nain plutôt toutoune! Je devrais probablement peser environs 10 lbs , présentement je pèse bien plus, mais je perds les livres régulièrement!!

Je suis une très douce et gentille fille de 3 ans, et il semble que j’étais la “boss” chez nous, ici…. pas pareil. Je suis plutôt peureuse, mais absolument aucune agression.

J’ai été élevée avec des pipi-pads donc on travaille pour que j’apprenne a faire mes besoins dehors, et j’apprends très vite.

Je serais bien dans pas mal n’importe quel genre de personne ou famille, présentement je suis si insécure et craintive de tout le monde, tout ce dont j’ai besion est quelqu’un Alpha qui m’apprendra a me sentir en confiance, indépendante et vraiment profiter de tout ce que la vie à a offrir.

Voulez-vous être cette personne ou famille?

Charlie Chi

I am Charlie (another one), now known as Charlie Chi.  I am barely a year old, a male Chihuahua, and already on my 3rd home.

I might have been hurt by kids, as I am really afraid of them.  So kids will not be for me, and men … hmmm not sure of them, even though my previous homes were both with men….

I will need a lot of patience and some work, so far I am not housetrained, so lots of positive reinforcement and patience will be needed.

I am pretty skittish around new people, that’s the Chihuahua…..but once I know you, I am a sweetheart.  Of course, I have a high-pitched little voice, but not extremely barky.

Will you be the one to give me my forever home for the next several years, maybe 20 if I’m lucky?  We live quite old, us little dogs, so think it through as I don’t want to be looking for a 4th home.  This has to be the right one, and the final one.Je suis Charlie (un autre), maintenant connu sous le nom de  Charlie Chi.  J’ai à peine un an, un Chihuahua mâle, et déjà je cherche une troisième famille.

J’ai peut-être été maltraité ou blessé par des enfants, car j’en ai une peur bleue. Donc les enfants ne seront par moi, et les homes…..hmmm pas sûr d’eux malgré que mes deux premiers foyers étaient avec des hommes….

Je vais avoir besoin de beaucoup de patience et un peu de travail, pour le moment je ne suis pas propre, donc beaucoup de renforcement positif, et de la patience seront nécessaires.

Je suis très timide envers les nouvelles personnes, ça c’est le  Chihuahua…. mais une fois que je vous connais, je suis un amour. Évidemment j’ai une petite voie aïgue, mais ne suis pas très jappeux.

Serez-vous celui ou celle qui me donnera mon foyer permanent pour les prochaines années, peu-être 20 si je suis chanceux?  Nous vivons pas mal vieux, nous les petits chiens, alors pensez-y avant car je ne veux pas être obligé un jour de me trouver une 4e famille. Celle-ci doit être la bonne, et la toute dernière.


I’ve been named Picsou by my previous home, I guess they saw me as a cartoon. You see, I was purchased as a puppy and my caretaker was a 10 year old little girl. I was to be her responsibility.

Unfortunately I went from a cute little puppy to a one and half year old un-neutered male and she just couldn’t keep up with my training. So the grown-ups in the family decided she wasn’t doing a good enough job training me so the decision was that I needed a new home.

I’m a very friendly and affectionate Chihuahua, unlike others not barky or nippy. As far as the house training goes, with adults in charge, I’m really catching on fast.


Hi there! I’m Blink, a tiny one-eyed Chihuahua so I appear to be winking at you all the time. I’m about 3, neutered and micro-chipped.

I’m a total love bug and I love to play and cuddle. My best friend right now is a big Pit Bull named Bert. He respects me and I just love to play with him. I get along with everybody I meet. I can get a little too excited at times and nibble but a quick correction lets me know that it is not acceptable behavior.

I am highly adoptable. Keep in mind that just because I’m so darn cute and small, I still need proper leadership. I need structure, regular exercise and boundaries in order to remain a happy balanced pooch. I am not a baby so please don’t treat me like one.


I have found my Palace.

I was adopted this week and though miniature Pinschers are usually bossy, let me tell you that I ain’t no boss here! You see, my new Dad and I live with three cats who actually think they own the place.

It sure looks like they do as most of the furniture is for them. Cat beds, cat condos, scratching poles, they own toilet, so basically I’m hoping they will let me move in at least a tiny bed into their home.

There’s also a bird, but he’s more like the watchdog. So between the cats who run the house and the bird who stands guard, I really just get to lay around, play with toys, get treats, belly rubs and just enjoy life in this Palace. I’ve given myself one job, waking up my Dad by sticking my cold little nose in his ear!


This is Petey once again! I have found my next foster home and moved in today, hopefully until I finally get that loving family that I am searching for.

I really am a charmer, everyone who has known me so far has totally fallen in love with me. Unfortunately, of all the people I’ve met, none of those were looking to adopt a dog. I’m just so irresistible I can’t figure out why no one is inquiring about me.


Hi I’m Jameka, the black Chihuahua found as a stray out near Laval. It sure looks like in fact dumped there, because no one seemed to look for me.

It doesn’t matter, because I already found a wonderful home. I now have a new (sister), Emmy, who is a Japanese Spaniel. I have lots of beds around the house to choose from as well a bunch of new toys to play with. I really hope to grow old in my new home.


Well I’m Petey, the two year old Chihuahua mix and I was one of the first dogs posted on Sophie’s new and improved website. I was looking for a foster home while my regular foster home went on vacation, or better yet, I was hoping to find a permanent home. Unfortunately, neither of those dreams happened during the two weeks, so I was stuck at Sophie’s with the gang.

Luckily for me, however, my original foster home is now back from vacation and were very excited to take me back but were sad to know I was not adopted.

You see, the big problem is that they are moving out of the province at the end of this month, so will be unable to keep fostering me.

So the emphasis is on finding that wonderful forever home by the 30th of August. I would really do best in a quiet home, maybe with retired people or couple with no kids, as I am still quite fearful of strangers and quick movements, so that can make me snappy at times. On the flip side, I am extremely cuddly, loving and affectionate. I will be the perfect little companion, I just need to find the right match.


My name is Gazelle, and believe it or not, as cute and sweet as I am, I was going to be euthanized by my ‘breeder’ as I was no longer good enough for production. They claim I’m 4 and a half, but according to Sophie, I’m more like 6 years old. My teeth are so full of tartar, I may lose a lot of them. I delivered my last litter 6 weeks ago and was already I was taken away from my pups. Poor pups who will be sold for hundreds of dollars….. We live in a sad world.

However, I was rescued and brought to Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I am paper-trained but also go outside, I am very mellow, a little skittish but really coming out of my shell as there are many dogs for me to learn from. I have been de-barked, so the neighbours won’t hear me, which makes me a good candidate for apartment living. It seems all my pups are de-barked at birth, just for that reason. To sell to apartment people.. Sad, but real!

I am very good with other dogs, would be good with kids as I am very tolerant of manipulation. So far, I have not growled, snapped, showed any teeth or anything of the sort.

I am supposed to be a ‘pure Chihuahua’, but it looks like I may have some Miniature Pinscher. Not sure, but could be. Either way, I am adorable with my big ears and curly tail!


My name is BoBo, I am the cutest, sweetest 4 year old male Chihuahua! I have huge ears and a just as huge personality.

I am friendly, affectionate, playful and funny. I am looking for a new home because my mom passed away, and no one in the family could keep me.

I am able to stay alone during the day, clean in the house, even though a little ‘territorial’ as I was just neutered since I’ve arrived in rescue.


My name is Belle. I am a 6 year old Chihuahua who is unfortunately looking for a new home due to my mom passing away.

I was living with Mylo 2 and Sanchez, and all of us are now looking for new homes. We have been split up so can be adopted separately, but having another dog with me would probably make me adapt better.

I am very shy and mellow, good with kids if they are not too rough. I am good with other dogs, and would do fine with cats.


My name is Médor, and I am a sweet 10 year old Chihuahua. I lived with a senior person who is now in a home, and I am looking for a new place myself.

I am extremely overweight, so will need to lose some weight, and will need a good teeth cleaning. At my age, I may lose a few as I was not fed the best of food.

I am a little shy around new people, but once I know you I come out of my shell. I get along well with cats and other dogs, if they are not too big and scary.


My name is Odie, and I am the sweeeeetest little guy! I am about 1 year old, a Chihuhua mix, probably with Jack Russel or Shih-Tsu, from looking at my body structure! I weigh about 15 lbs or so.

I love everyone. People, dogs, cats, kids, I would probably be great for therapy, as I just love to be hugged and kissed and petted.

I am good during the day, can stay alone without getting myself in trouble or messing up your house!

Chico 2

My name is Chico 2 and I am the sweetest little chihuahua. I am about 5 years old, and very mellow and quiet.

I have never been outside until now, so I am used to going on pee-pee pads. I can learn to go outside, though, but it will be some adjustments.

I am not a biter, nor a barker, but a little weary of strangers. It will take me some time to come around and become cuddly. Right now, I’m not sure what people want from me….

But I am sweet and will make someone a wonderful companion once I come out of my shell.

Brahma & Darshan

We are Brahma and Darshan. We are 2 boys and looking to be rehomed together.

I, Brahma, am born in Sept. 03. I am all black, and weigh under 6 lbs. I have a very submissive temper, am fully obedience trained, I don’t bark for no reason (only if someone is at the door), am super well socialized. I love everyone, but have some separation anxiety and need to be with my buddy Darshan. It is preferable to crate me when left alone. I love cats, and get along with other dogs too. I am also a big fan of kids.

Darshan, is born in Sept. 04. He is a little bigger than me, about 10 to 12lbs. Like me, he has a very submissive temper and is fully obedience trained as well. He also doesn’t bark unless someone is at the door, and is very well socialized. He just loves everyone. He has no emotional issues. He gets along with other pets, though he mostly ignores them. He definitely likes the company of kids and people better than other dogs, he just loves to be on your lap.


Hi world! My name is Choncho and I’m a young, playful and loving 1 year old Chihuahua mix.

I was bought from a petstore by a young lady who couldn’t stand seeing such a cute puppy in a tiny cage. Even though her building didn’t allow dogs, she brought me home with her.

Eventually the landlord heard there was a four-legged stowaway and said we had to move, but the person who I thought was my new mom didn’t want to leave her apartment so she gave me my very own eviction notice and kicked me to the curb. Now I’m a homeless pup, couch surfing around the city.

I haven’t been exposed to much of the world and sometimes I get insecure and just want to be picked up and reassured.

But I’m nice as can be and LOVE playing with other dogs, even the big guys. Me and my 100 pound friend Stevie the Wonder Dog entertain our foster home all day long with our playful antics.

I can’t wait to find a home that will let me be my fun, joyous and affectionate self, instead of hiding me away in fear of getting busted!


I am Nounou, one of the 2 buddies rescued with Mika 4. I was also dumped because of a move, and put on death row because they found me to be too ‘skittish’ and nervous. I am about 2 years old, and really a sweetheart.

I am nervous at first when I meet people, but I react by cowaring and looking at you with big eyes. Hardly a cause for a death sentence, so Sophie grabbed me along with Mika 4 and Prada and I am now sound and safe in a foster home.

I am living with a family who is gone all day, and I am a good boy. The odd accident here and there, but hey… I just got here a few days ago. With patience and consistency, I will adjust and do fine. There is a big deaf bulldog where I am, and at first she scared me, now I am fine with her.

I am rather on the ‘large’ side for a Chihuahua, I might be mixed with a pug. I probably weigh about 12 lbs or so.