Canelle 2

Canelle 2, yeah I agree, it sucks as a name, but hey, my foster mom calls me Coco and I like that!!

You see I was a Christmas “gift” for an old couple, like 70-80’s old – and I was not just a gift, but a cute, fluffy, puppy! Are you kidding me? I’m no gift for your aging parents!

What I am is an adorable, 22lb Lhasa Apso, maybe mix. I am friendly, easy going, affectionate, loving and very smart. My old folks had never even taken me out for a walk in my entire year and a half with them. Peepee pads and a terrace was all I got. And guess what? I looove going for walks and it makes more sense to go to the bathroom then. It’s actually a fun time you get to sniff, explore, enjoy life!

I have a short haircut right now, but if you want a beautiful long-haired Lhasa, you’d better prepare for some grooming!! We can be absolutely stunning with our hair down to the floor. That’s my dream, to look like a real Lhasa Apso, not spend my life shaved like a Pit Bull!

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