Hi world! My name is Choncho and I’m a young, playful and loving 1 year old Chihuahua mix.

I was bought from a petstore by a young lady who couldn’t stand seeing such a cute puppy in a tiny cage. Even though her building didn’t allow dogs, she brought me home with her.

Eventually the landlord heard there was a four-legged stowaway and said we had to move, but the person who I thought was my new mom didn’t want to leave her apartment so she gave me my very own eviction notice and kicked me to the curb. Now I’m a homeless pup, couch surfing around the city.

I haven’t been exposed to much of the world and sometimes I get insecure and just want to be picked up and reassured.

But I’m nice as can be and LOVE playing with other dogs, even the big guys. Me and my 100 pound friend Stevie the Wonder Dog entertain our foster home all day long with our playful antics.

I can’t wait to find a home that will let me be my fun, joyous and affectionate self, instead of hiding me away in fear of getting busted!

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