Class action lawsuit against the City of Montreal

I’m looking for citizens who had their pets seized by the City of Montreal for various reasons including those who received an order to euthanize. Plans are under way to file for an authorization for a class action lawsuit against the city.

The City has refused to conform itself with two Superior Court Judgements that declare their methods invalid and illegal.

The 2007 case with Mario Paquet, nothing changed. The 2011 case with Sophie’s Dog Adoption and still nothing has changed. The City is still issuing bogus euthanasia orders. The city’s actions are in such a way as to interfere with the orderly administration of justice.

Enough is enough, the City hasn’t amended it’s By-law to reflect the invalidity of their By-law. We currently have proof that the City is still doing what it shouldn’t. I’m now reaching out to the public to gather more proof to justify a class action lawsuit. If you would like to get involved contact Sophie’s Dog Adoption at 514-523-5052 by phone or via e-mail at

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