Le Berger Blanc Inc. fell into a bucket of bleach

Where is Diva now? This is the official version from Berger Blanc of the Diva saga; how it all started and how it ended.

After speaking with Catherine Leclerc at the Berger Blanc, it would appear that Diva who in fact was named Chanelle was reported lost on the 7th of January by a lady who had lost a female brindle Pit bull with a scar on her side.

According to Ms. Leclerc a discussion ensued with an out of town dog catcher who had placed a trap to “rescue” this stray dog, to which Berger Blanc told this dog catcher to remove her cage as they would set one up since it was their contract, their job, their deal and in the end their dog if not claimed. After all it is a territorial issue. The dog catcher claimed she had a “foster home” who could take this dog in, Berger Blanc told the dog catcher to have her “foster home” contact Berger Blanc.

The dog catcher eventually told Berger Blanc that the dog was going to be surrendered to what Berger Blanc described as a sort of “commune” that helps find them homes. Their view on this was why should they release the dog since they had no plans on euthanizing her. A business is a business Berger Blanc says to themselves, why should the dog catcher make the buck. The fact that she fed the dog and spent hours trying to catch her does not make her the dogs guardian.

When the dog arrived at Berger Blanc, they unsuccessfully tried to reach the owner. Before the 5th day the owner contacted Berger Blanc and according to them it was a beautiful reunion between the lady and her dog. As far as they are concerned this case is over and one of their happy endings.

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