Cookie 2

I’m Cookie 2, a sweet six year old Shih-Tzu who is looking for a loving home. I’m what Sophie and my foster home call a perfect dog. I have never had accidents in the house, don’t have any behavioral issues, can stay alone during the day, get along great with the family dog and cat, love kids and any human who wants to cuddle with me.

I do have one problem, it’s my left eye. The story on what happened is not very clear, but I may or may not have had surgery at one point which has left me partially blind in that eye. I came with eye drops which the foster home has been putting in regularly, but my eye seems to get very dry and needs cleaning every day. I’m due for a checkup to find out more about the future of this eye, but it is suspected that I will need drops for the rest of my life.

Don’t let that be a setback for you, I’m absolutely charming and once you know me you will not be able to resist. I may be six but I have a good ten years in front of me as I’m healthy and very active and playful.

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