Tyson 4 – In November

  • October 28th, 2010 – Sophie wins a Stay of execution on my death sentence in Superior Court. The order is temporarily suspended until the case is heard. I’m free to go home with a strict court order forcing me to be muzzled at all times in public. First half of the battle is over with.
  • November 2nd, 2010 – Sophie drives out of town to get me out of hiding after nearly 4 months. I am free as a bird and can enjoy a normal foster life until Superior Court decides if the city’s power to have an innocent victim like me killed is in fact legal. I’m confident that Sophie will win the other half of the battle.

For now I’m enjoying the city life, with a wonderful bunch of people who give me belly rubs, rub behind my ears, give me kisses, hugs, and shower me with love. They say I’m exceptional and totally understand why Sophie is fighting so hard to keep me alive. Of course I wear that darn muzzle the minute I leave the apartment, but since my foster home has no pets I can truly enjoy a normal life. The muzzle will be part of my life forever and I will learn that putting it on means going for a walk.

The city asked the courts that I not be put up for adoption until this is settled, but Sophie would apply to the Superior Judge for that permission if there was a potential adopter. Keep in mind my problem has nothing to do with aggression, simply a lack of knowing how to interact with other dogs, so Sophie is convinced that she will win since I was evaluated by a professional who confirms I am no threat, danger, nor risk to any human.

Ideally Sophie would love for a lawyer to adopt me, so they could help her fight this to ensure a win. I really don’t want to die.

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  1. What A nice video!!! We love you Tyson 4. Wish you were good with dogs to be with Olivia… <3 Glad you have a good foster home for now!

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