I was named Demi because I’m a beautiful girl, just like the actress Demi Moore.

I am a white Standard Poodle, a senior girl of 10, and up to now had a wonderful life. You see my mom is also a senior and unfortunately was moved to a nursing home today. I was always very well cared for, regularly groomed, always had the best of everything – I was a real princess.

Unfortunately life can sometimes take an unexpected turn and my mom having no family, I would of been put down my the end of the week-end had Sophie not taken me in.

Despite my age, I’m very healthy and still full of life and energy. I may not have a lot of years in front of me, but I have had a great life up to now and we all know that a healthy and happy dog will have a longer life than a sad and neglected dog. So all I need from you is to keep me happy & healthy, and I can easily have a good five years still ahead of me.

I’m good with dogs, cats, people, and would make anyone a wonderful companion. I love to go for walks, or just cuddle on the couch with you. Because of my age, I would rather not have kids around as I want to enjoy my golden years in a calm household. Seniors would be ideal.

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