They call me Buffy but I’m no vampire slayer! I’m what you would call a Lebanese Terrier. You see, I’m a small Terrier mix who just arrived from Beirut, Lebanon. Not much is known about my past other than my siblings and I ended up at the Beirut shelter. We were part of the “Lucky Ones” who made the trip to Montreal recently in order to find the meaning of a wonderful life in Canada.

My siblings, along with a couple of other refugees, went to a rescue group in Ontario and I came to Sophie’s Dog Adoption, where I will soon fly to Alberta to be reunited with BJ, a former Beirut refugee who was adopted through Sophie’s Dog Adoption back in 2009.

I’m approximately 5 years old, female and friendly as can be. I love people, exploring this new world and even like the fashions. I’m may get used to this lifestyle very quickly. I’m just a happy story as I didn’t even need to wait for Sophie to find me a home, BJ’s family wanted me before I even landed in Montreal.

One thought on “Buffy”

  1. Buffy is still doing great and very happy as she is the boss of the house, Buffy and BJ are best friends and play together and have many conversations as they play, it’s fun to watch the two of them. Thanks Sophie!
    Rob and Gordena

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