Frankie 2

I am Frankie the Yorkie. I’m a chubby, short legged, ten year old male with a tail no bigger than that of a bunny’s. One thing you can say about me is I have personality and attitude. I’m a grumpy but funny little fellow that will tug at your heart.

Because of my general disposition, I do not see my self living with kids, nor with somebody too soft. I will crack you up if you’re an experienced dog person but will scare you away if you’re not. All that to say I need an Alpha person, or we probably won’t be a good match.

Despite my age and my rolly-polly shape, I am very active and love to go for walks (which would do me a lot of good).


I’m hoping this next home will truly be my forever home. As I was originally rescued from death row at the age of two, and here we are eight years later, because of a new baby, I’m once again looking for a family to love me till the end.

Please be the one who will be there for the rest of my life. I will love to cuddle up with you, get my belly rubbed and shower you with kisses (which are more like love bites). One thing that adds to my charm is that crazy little underbite I have.

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