Ivory Miller

I am Ivory Miller, one of the 5 Miller Family dogs. If you hadn’t heard about us, we were 5 dogs rescued from a Puppymill who were in a terrible state of neglect. We had no clue we were dogs, and had to overcome a lot of things in order to become normal dogs.

Well I have a sister named Viviane, and both of us had been adopted together, but because we are ‘special’ dogs, our education was very different and slow, and it didn’t work out for the family to continue the education with 2 of us.

So I am back looking for a home, ideally with someone who will take my past into consideration and treat me in accordance with that and my needs, but not ‘baby’ me or feel sorry for me. I need to feel strong, secure, stable and it is with someone Alpha who will set rules that I will flourish and become a wonderful little dog.

I already am the best little thing, having no ‘baggage’, everything was to be learned. So with lots of love, positive reinforcement, structure, I can be the best friend. I prefer no little kids, as I am a mellow little girl, but I have recently learned to bark, play with other dogs like real dogs play, and I can learn some more. How to play with toys, how to enjoy a happy dog’s life!

Please give me that chance to find that forever home, I am about 2 years old and really look forward to having a permanent home like the other 4 members of my ‘family’ who are all doing wonderfully. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being in my foster home, but a forever home is what I feel I’m ready for (oh and that other picture, well that’s how I arrived from the mill!).

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