My name is Gazelle, and believe it or not, as cute and sweet as I am, I was going to be euthanized by my ‘breeder’ as I was no longer good enough for production. They claim I’m 4 and a half, but according to Sophie, I’m more like 6 years old. My teeth are so full of tartar, I may lose a lot of them. I delivered my last litter 6 weeks ago and was already I was taken away from my pups. Poor pups who will be sold for hundreds of dollars….. We live in a sad world.

However, I was rescued and brought to Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I am paper-trained but also go outside, I am very mellow, a little skittish but really coming out of my shell as there are many dogs for me to learn from. I have been de-barked, so the neighbours won’t hear me, which makes me a good candidate for apartment living. It seems all my pups are de-barked at birth, just for that reason. To sell to apartment people.. Sad, but real!

I am very good with other dogs, would be good with kids as I am very tolerant of manipulation. So far, I have not growled, snapped, showed any teeth or anything of the sort.

I am supposed to be a ‘pure Chihuahua’, but it looks like I may have some Miniature Pinscher. Not sure, but could be. Either way, I am adorable with my big ears and curly tail!

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  1. My husband and I were the ones who were lucky enough to adopt little Miya a.k.a Gazelle! I just wanted to update you on how wonderful she is and how happy we are to have her with us. Miya is very healthy and loves to discipline our MinPin Mustaki!

    We could not be happier!

    Thank you Sophie!

    Allen & Sandra

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